Is there any routine to take girl's contact?

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  1. Is there any routine to take girl's contact?

    Hey guys, I have a question, somebody help me with that, is there any routine to take girl's contact, or make her give it by herself, or something, please give advice or some links to read
    I mean when conversation already is going, but she has time constraint.
    Several times I managed to open in a public transport, and use some routines, but couldn't take contact. Your advice.

  2. This is pretty simple to do. But, no one line is going to pull 100%.

    What I do is simply ask.
    "Hey this is great, why don't we meet up over a coffee?" Then ask her for her number/facebook/instagram/twitter/snapchat take your pick.

    Right before I hand over my phone I ask her what my name is. Does two things.
    First it lets me know if I made an impression on her. If I didn't she won't remember. If I did, she will.
    No impression, you are forgettable.

    Second, it gets her to actually remember who I am. So, when I contact her in the next 10 minutes with a funny little photo, she know me.
    If she doesn't remember my name, I'll play it off like I forgot her name as well. This way she doesn't feel so bad about it, and leaves the interaction on a high note. Which is very important.

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    Yes. There are dozens of routines to get a girl's #.

    With practice, you don't even need routines. You simply become a cool guy who asks for phone numbers.

    There is no shortcut to becoming such a cool guy. Study & Practice until you get confident at it.

    If necessary, take a training course with live instructors.

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    Yeah you can probably get a number easily the hard part is converting that # into having her see you and that comes with changing yourself into a guy she can see herself with.
    " I think PCL81 has one of the best body language in the world. He approached a group of hot women, and he looked so relax that it looked like he slept with them already and doesn’t care what they have to say."--The G Code, Future Bootcamp Oct 2012

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    Is there any routine to take girls contact

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