The Air Force Recruiter

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  1. The Air Force Recruiter

    Before I start let me set the stage.

    Where I live the guys are run of the mill. There are only two types here. The out door types who wear faded cheap t-shirts, faded camouflage cargo shorts, and dirty athletic shoes. Or they have ripped plaid shirts, and faded torn boy band jeans. Nearly all of them have an outdated Justin Bieber haircut.
    The other are wannabe gangsters. They look like walking bill boards for athletic companies.

    I did a make over and tossed all my clothes and got custom everything. All my clothes properly fit, and the colors match my skin tone. Then I got a hair cut that matches my hair type and face shape. Changed my razor to a safety blade and have a daily routine to take care of my skin.

    Before I leave the house I put on a primary blue shirt with white accents (custom). Dark wash blue jeans (custom). Brown trackline belt. Brown chuka boots. Brown wristband watch. Tan sport coat with white pocket square. Silver rimmed sunglasses with blue tint lenses. The silver rims match the watch case and belt buckle. Yeah, this is a GQ cover moment, it's how I dress.

    So, I'm taking my daughter to the recruiter to finish some paperwork. She's leaving for basic in a couple days. The last time I saw this recruiter was months ago, but I was in uniform. As I walk in the door she instantly lights up "oh wow, long time no see."

    She starts going over paper work and describing what my daughter can expect. Having served in the Marines I add my two cents. We then compare notes on the differences. I'm sitting totally alpha, slightly slouched, legs wide, arm draped over the back. I have my sunglasses propped on my head and have strong eye contact.

    As she finishes up paperwork she starts going back into descriptions of what basic training is like. Then asks me what my experiences were. Marine Corps is a lot fuckin different from the Air Force. I'm not a prick so I tell her and also key on the mission differences of the two departments. I, along with my daughter, notice that she's talking to me more than she really should. I'm not running any game, just being myself while showing I'm alpha male.

    The conversation turns more towards my job. Let's just say I work in law enforcement at a non federal level. I try to move the conversation back towards the similarities between cop work and military. This is when a huge IOI comes my way. The recruiter leans forward across the desk and extends her hand as if trying to touch me. Huge smile "yes, I totally get what you mean..."
    While I'm talking she starts playing with her hair, and kicks her chest out in my direction. She was 100% invested in the conversation with me, that was supposed be about my daughter leaving for basic.

    When the meeting was over my daughter got a handshake. I got a handshake and "mini" hug. Probably caught herself realizing she really shouldn't do that. We were there for about an hour in what should have only taken 20 minutes.

    Am, I going to go back and try for some kind of closure? No. She was wearing a wedding ring, and pictures behind her showed family photo's. I don't go out with married chicks. If she was single, hell yeah.

    So, why did I post this?
    First it shows that you really don't have to put in a whole lot of work if you are consistently confident and alpha. If you look like you got your shit together, it reinforces that confidence and alpha attitude. Just make sure if you do take her home, your car is clean, and your home is clean. Consistency, be congruent in all areas.

    Take this for what you want. It may help some, others may think it's a waste. So, be it.

  2. Nice. Did you add humor into the interaction? And what do women find funny these days? I know every woman is different, but I see these more advanced gamers that seem to make any women laugh.

  3. Sorry for the late reply. My regular work has crazy hours.

    Yeah, I had humor worked into it. The whole thing really kicked off when I made a joke about my daughter meeting the minimum weight requirements. They both got a big laugh out of that.

    Can't actually answer what women find funny as a general observation. Each girl is different. What I have done is study stand up comedians and how they take a mundane topic and make it funny. Like buying a cup of coffee and making a joke out of the names. You can't just buy a coffee, it now has a language all it's own. You need to take a special language class in college to order a coffee.

    We compared notes on the differences between services and the similarities between my current job and the military.

  4. Good stuff knight! Good sub-communications. How would you handle and what would you say to her to kiss-close in that particular situation? Do you know what actions you need to take to do that? Have you read it or was it trail and error?

  5. On this particular encounter I wouldn't try to kiss close. The reason is because she was married, and my daughter was with me (recently divorced, under a month - gaming already though).

    If I was to go that direction, I would have to escalate through some sexual tension. First by introducing some kino. There wasn't any touching during the entire conversation. She was on one side of the desk, I was on the other. However, I was giving her validation which would have made kino very easy.
    When she was stretching across the desk she was actually looking for kino, but it would have been highly inappropriate given the setting. Not to mention making my daughter even more uncomfortable than she already was.

    It doesn't matter what you say. It's about getting to know her and allowing her to share. It's a journey that both of you take together. You give, she gives type of thing. Openers, routines, gambits, and the like are nothing but a tool to allow her to become emotionally involved. The conversation is allowed to flow. I just listen for small clues she gives and I turn those into questions or ways I can relate to her experiences. She mentioned being in a car accident. I related by telling her a story when someone rear ended me in my private car, and I got out wearing my uniform (I'm a cop). She found it hilarious at the rear enders change from furious to instant apologies.

    After kino, the conversation would have to turn slightly sexual. Very easy to do, start small and build. If she buys into it and reciprocates, a kiss close is easy enough. When I see a girl getting close to wanting a kiss her eyes say everything. She starts looking at your eyes then your lips, then back to your eyes. She may even lick her lips to moisten them. When you close the distance a little, she gets doe eyes right before she slightly closes them, and she tilts her head.
    If she backs up, back off, and go back to kino and escalation.

    A kiss close only takes about 15 - 20 minutes. It can actually be done in under a minute given the right setting. I've done it before, but it's been years since I have even tried. Usually and instant kiss close is done in a club environment. You have to be total Alpha mentality to pull it off.

    Did I answer everything? If I didn't hit me back, and I'll try to clarify.

  6. Yes, you have given an elaborate answer on what to do and how to do it. Thank you for that. Also i have two more question. Do you follow the emotional progression model? How has it worked out for you in the past if you used it?

  7. Not sure what the emotional progression model is. Might be something I learned, but modified and renamed.

    Anyway, I tend to stick with emotions because women are more emotional. The whole interaction depends on her reactions and logistics.

    Overall by working with women's emotions, having them feel good when around me, has worked for me. I'm not going to lie and say it works 100% of the time. Anyone who says they 100% of women they approach is lying.

  8. Yes, making her feel good is the most important thing. But a woman needs to feel all emotions, so i give her everything hahaha (tell me if i am doing it wrong). The emotional progression model is attraction -> qualification -> comfort -> seduction. Do you follow that?

  9. That's the basic pick-up model we followed back in the early 90's. It's what I follow with a few minor changes for my own personality.

    I do give the girl all the emotions if the interaction lasts long enough. For an HB10 that has a bitch shield up going through all the emotions is most likely going to happen. For a more quiet and reserved HB7 or 8 the interaction isn't going to last as long, so I may not need to go through each emotion. I may be able to simply escalate. Especially if she already has her mind made up she just wants to get laid, and just needs to find the type of guy she feels most comfortable with.

    I really don't approach because I already assume the approach is open. I skip over the attraction phase because she wouldn't be talking to me if she wasn't interested.
    If wasn't interested she would tell me to fuck off and walk away.

    I introduce myself and go straight into comfort while sprinkling qualification around. Second half of comfort is escalation which leads to seduction.

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