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  1. Mall Kiosk Pickup

    Approached an incredibly cute Latina at the Mall Kiosk today. I did not use a direct opener. I asked if she taught any of the mechanical stuffed animals new tricks. Stacked to looking for a toy for my niece and these looked perfect. Turns out she was an aunt, so we had a long conversation about kids.
    Stacked to the next topic, which went into me being a teacher, since she asked. Teased her and said that she better be on her best behavior.
    Used a false time constraint and said that I'm meeting a friend at the exact time a customer was coming to the kiosk. She said to give her a minute. Not knowing how long she was going to be with the customer, I thought screw it. I told her she was cute and very pleasant to talk to and went for the meetup. She said it's possible. So I went for the number and she said maybe. So I said nice talking to her and left. Here are my questions. Should I have waited for the customer to leave to continue stacking? Should I have brought the customer into the conversation somehow?

    Last question. When you are new at Daygame, is it normal to think of things to do and/or say after the fact?

  2. Is is normal to think of things afterwards? All the time. Even when you do get the desired close.

    I did an approach the other day, got the desired close, and still thought how i could have kept it going and escalate. Tell you about it further down.

    You did good. Opened, transitioned, exchanged value and kept it light. Can't say you really did anything wrong. Could you have stayed in? Yes.
    Should you have? That's on you. The real question is, are you pushing out of your comfort zone? If your not, you need to keep yourself in the set.

    Something I learned a while ago. If you are concerned with being blown out, you will be blown out. If all you are concerned about is getting a close, your going to be blown out. If you don't care which way things go, anything is possible. Just don't be an ass.

    So, let's take a look at this. One way you could have gone is to leave and come back. Which is the way I would have gone with it. Very low key and shows I have standards.

    "Hey, I really do have to go, and your busy. I also don't like it when people are late. Catch up with you in about 30 minutes?"

    Right there your problems are solved. You show you respect her job, have standards, and can walk away.

    Personally, I don't like to say I'm meeting friends when I'm not. I just say I have an appointment that need to keep.

    So, my approach I talked about.

    To set this up I need to mention I dress to the 9's. Total GQ type thing with custom made shirts, jackets, jeans/chino's that are tailored to fit. Not expensive, just search for custom clothing or bespoke clothing. Shirts are like $19 to $29. Custom and tailored.

    So, with that in mind I walked into a home improvement store. Went there to check on some prices for dry wall (I'm redoing my house). As I walked past the checkouts I saw one of the cashiers look over the register stand in my direction. I didn't see anyone she could have been looking at, so I assume she was looking at me.

    I go do my thing and wonder the store a little just checking things out, and getting ideas. Snapping pics on my phone of light fixtures and ceiling fans.

    As I'm coming along the front of the store to leave I see her bounce out from behind the register to stand in the front. Not unusual as most stores do this. So, she's standing there, angled in my direction, head tilted, slight smile. And I pass right by her.

    "Have a nice day."
    "Thanks, you to."

    No, I didn't just walk out. I took about three steps and turned. Caught her red handed checking out my ass. Yes, chicks do look. I also needed a few seconds to hit the record button on my phone and stash it in my pocket.

    "You changed your look."
    "Uh, what?"
    "You changed your look. You used to have black hair, and it was longer"
    "Uh, yeah. I just thought it was time for a change."
    She's playing with her ear, crossing her legs, and has a small smile.
    "Look, I don't mean sound creepy or anything, but I just had to say you look really good." (I'm twice her age BTW, but look maybe 10 years older).
    "Oh, thank you. That's really sweet." She says touching my upper arm.
    "Hey, your working and I don't want to get you in trouble."
    "Oh, it's okay."
    "It's okay if I get you in trouble?"
    "Sure, why not. Everyone else does?"
    "Excuse me, I'm not everyone. I'm unique and I bring unique trouble."
    "I can see that."
    "I'm John by the way." (hand out, to shake hands)
    "I'm Gen."
    "Gen, with a G, right."
    "Name tag."
    "Oh, yeah, right." (laughing) "Sometimes forget I'm wearing it."
    "Well Gen, You seem like an interesting person, but I really do need to get going. I also don't want to get into trouble - yet. Are you working tomorrow?"
    "Yes, unfortunately."
    "Do you eat lunch?"
    "Yeah, but it's only 30 minutes."
    "Tell you what. I have some free time tomorrow afternoon. How about meeting at the coffee shop next door?"
    "I guess I can do that."
    "Great send me text when your free."
    I take my phone out and cancel the recording. I ask for her number, then right before I put in the number, I ask if she remembers my name.
    She laughs and gets it right.
    I tell her I'll send her a text so she has my number.

    When I got outside I took a quick pic in front of the store and sent it to her with a message and my number.

    The whole encounter took less than 2 minutes. But, it wasn't a total cold approach. I knew she was interested once I passed her, so I don't count it as a total cold. I also assume the I also have the opening, meaning I don't need to open anything.

    She sent me text back once she was off shift, smiley emojis everywhere. Got another the next day saying she was heading to the coffee shop.

    Anything can happen. Keep it light, keep it fun, show value, and standards.

    Best to you. Keep it going.

  3. Appreciate your feedback once again.
    I guess I could improve my clothes a bit(understatement). I'll also try opening with humor today, then move to a statement about how I think she looks.

  4. Clothes can make a difference.

    I got big into studying the classic/timeless looks. Looked at colors that match my skin tone. Correct collars to match my face shape. Skin care, matching colors, patterns, and small details like watch selections.

    The stuff is all over the place. Get a few essentional pieces first. The core items. Then expand from there. Right now I have 5 t-shirts, 5 button down shirts, 5 polos, 4 sport coats, 5 pairs of shoes, 3 belts, 2 watches, 3 pairs of sunglasses (different colors), 4 pairs of dark wash jeans, 4 pairs of chino's.

    You need the following essential core items for a wardrobe make over.

    White T-shirt (crew or v-neck). Plain white - no graphics.
    White button down shirt.
    Dark wash blue jeans.
    Camel color chino's. Looks awesome with the other items listed below.
    Brown loafer shoes. I prefer brown chuka style boots. I do have brown derby shoes that I wear.
    Brown belt. To match the shoes (doesn't have to be exact match shade). Brown with brown, black with black. Get a silver buckle, it goes with more than gold.
    Brown wrist strap watch with silver case and white face. Again match your metals, and accessory colors. Silver looks less try hard than gold.
    Blue sport coat/blazer. Wear with button down or t-shirt. Make sure it properly fits. Look up bespoke or custom clothes, I got mine for $69 and it fit perfect. Go to a store and it might fit okay for $260 on up. Also, know the difference between a suit jacket and sport coat. There is a difference, and it's huge.
    Gray sweater. Wear over the white button down. Put the sport coat over it for a stylish casual look. Can't really mess up a gray sweater with white and blue.

    Everything in this core can be mixed and matched. These colors go with just about every skin tone out there. They also work real well together. There are about 5 different looks in this items alone. Just make sure everything properly fits. If needed get the items tailored.

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