Will me and my boyfriend receive bad karma?

was dating a guy who I knew had a girlfriend. The thing is, I never thought anything of it. She was all the way in Chicago while her boyfriend(whose my boyfriend now) was in Joliet,Illinois in Job Corps where me and plenty other people were. I figured he was fair game.

He tagged her in things on Facebook. He had a few pictures of her on his page but at the end of the day he was attractive and he pursued me. Iím 18 heís 23. She didnít find out until October on national boyfriend day and I decided to post a picture of us and tag him in it.

She saw it, and of course questioned him about it and assuming she knew he was lying about me being just a friend she messaged me for the truth and I told her. I showed him the messages she sent me while we were at job corp together and he told her to never call or text him again and that he was done with her and to stop texting his girl(me) he dissed her for me.

He even went as far as to post two pictures and a video of us after it happened and captioned it saying ďI love my baby so much yíall just donít know Ē he didnít care if she saw it.

To other people it seems wrong but to me he got out of a situation he no longer wanted to be in. He has gotten be a promise ring, I travelled with him to Memphis where we stayed with his biological mother because his step mother and biological father stays in Chicago and he doesnít see his mom much,

before that he was staying with me and my moms house. My mom even got us a dog of our own and calls him her son in law. Everything is perfect with us. We dressed up for Halloween as the purge, he got creative and made me a card with our pictures in it and loving words for my birthday.

He tagged me in relationship post when everything first happened and didnít care if his ex saw it or not and he stil tags me in post. He even blocked his ex from his Facebook page for me. I think he may even have a surprise for me for the 4th.

He shared a picture of a guy and girl watching the fireworks and the caption read ďHow I want my 4th of July to beĒ and under the post he wrote ď7 Days .Ē

He writes on Facebook about how he hurt he is whenever we have a falling out, one time he even made a status saying ďIím sorry I love you p.s you know who you are.Ē He even says if I ever got into a altercation with any females I donít have to worry about fighting or fighting alone because heís not letting anyone touch his girl.

We fell out once before over some messages he sent his ex on Instagram before and him constantly liking her pictures and relationship post she would share on Instagram and being flirty and making sexual adavances toward her but it never lead to anything.

He has treated me better than her in the past eight months. Maybe karma wonít come because what happened really wasnít wrong. He was just unhappy with her.