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    Need some advice on a pick up attempt yesterday.
    Ran my opener and told her that I was on my way out and wanted to tell her that she looked pretty and that her style brought out her flawless skin complexion.
    I did a FTC and asked her if I could sit for just a minute. She responded that she was incredibly busy. So, I pushed a little.
    I saw that she had a laptop and a notepad. So I did a cold read and guessing from her style that she was in Business or Marketing. She responded with a cold no.

    It's a blur what I tried for the next 20 seconds, but I do remember getting all cold answers like no and sometimes.

    But then as I was slowly walking away, I kept guessing what she did for a living, which were obviously wrong. I said things like Accountant, Management, Correctional Officer, Nude Model. And she started laughing. However, I left the set because I didn't know what else to do.

    Since she laughed, was that a good reason to stay in set? If so, what else could I have done?

  2. I would have left off the flawless skin complexion. But that's me.

    This whole thing could be in your delivery, your tone, body language, eye contact, any number of things that show your nervous or insecure. But here's the thing, you stuck in there. You probably could have stuck in longer.

    From what I see you got caught in a loop of asking yes/no questions. I call it interview pickup.

    Come here often? No
    Do you listen to music? Yes
    What do you do for a living? Read
    Do you watch football? No

    These are programed responses. She hears these and goes instantly to programmed response because she hears these questions from every guy. To her it's being interviewed to see if she puts enough checks in enough boxes before the guy asks for her number. Then she can take pleasure in blowing him out.

    You need to engage more to make a memorable impact on her.

    "Hey, is your name Tristen?"
    "Hmm, so your not the transvestite hooker I ordered from Bangladesh?"
    "Excuse me? Transvestite Hooker?"
    "I'm just kidding. I just wanted to talk to you? My name's Sean?"

    All delivered unapologetically, with confident body language, good vocal tone, good eye contact, and a smile. Energy level slightly higher than hers.

    Take charge. She says she's busy, respect it, but so fuckin what. Throw in an FTC and say you want to just sit for a minute. "I can only stay for a minute anyway. Let's have a seat, you can set a stop watch if you want." Your the alpha, you have standards, you chose her, and damnit your gonna talk to her. If she wasn't interested she would walk away, tell you to fuck off, or call the cops. She doesn't have to listen to you, she is free to leave at any time.

    As for not knowing what to say. Talk about anything. I've seen guys pick up girls while reciting the alphabet. No joke, the alphabet, one letter at a time with a two second pause in between. Change things up an keep it interesting.

    "So, you run your own business?"
    "That's too bad. I run my own business."
    "Yeah, I raise gerbles and sell them. I'm going break last years sales record though. I should make should make six whole dollars this year."
    [laughs, giggles, blank stare]
    "What would you do with six bucks?"

    Pickup is fluid. It changes on a whim. Anything is possible. There are no hard answers to any situation because its constantly changing. Every girl is different. It doesn't matter what you say. You get stuck, make up some funny shit and go from there. Tell her something about you and then ask her tell you something about her. Whatever you do, don't interview. She's not applying for a job in your bed.

    Hope that helps.

    Oh, I have used those lines. They do work when delivered correctly about 80-90% of the time (nothing is 100%).

  3. Definitely helps. Thank you.

  4. Cool deal. Keep up the work, it will come together.

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