New girl reminds me too much of ex gf

Thereís this girl that Iím kind of getting to know right now. Sheís smart for her age (a bit younger than I am), got a toned body, into sports, and has good social manners. Itís easy to like her. The problem is that she reminds me too much of my ex girlfriend. It hasnít been long since we broke it off but enough time has passed for me that it should be fine to find someone new. I couldnít really say that I have moved on yet but I do know that I donít feel the same way about her anymore.

So, should I still pursue this new girl even if she reminds me of my ex or should I not? It feels like seeing a new woman profile on Facebook or in online dating apps only to find out itís the same person who used to catchfish you before. I donít want to date my ex again if Iím being honest. What do I do?