Daygame (Infield Footage) Thoughts are appreciated

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    Daygame (Infield Footage) Thoughts are appreciated

  2. Watched the entire video. The LMR you got at the end is a symptom of a larger issue. Your not going to like this, but you come off as forgettable.
    Imagine her conversation with her roommates when she gets home.

    Her: "I met a guy today."
    Roomy: "Really? What's he like?"
    Her: "He's nice."
    Roomy: "What's he do?"
    Her: "Uh, I don't know."
    Roomy: "Well, what's his name?"
    Her: "I don't remember. Wait. I think it's in my phone."

    Overall you failed at making an emotional impact on her psyche. You didn't make a deep connection with her. Those connections should have taken place almost immediately. You mentioned she was listening to music, but never asked about her about music. Who she listens to, what genre, who her favorite band or artist is.

    You never offered her anything about yourself through the entire interaction. She has no clue who you are, what your standards are, your aspirations, or your goals. She doesn't even know what you do for a living. Almost the entire conversation remained on a surface level. Only one time, around the 13 minute mark, did the conversation start to go deep for about a minute. Other than that you are just a guy who likes her for her for her looks.

    You never asked her about her internship. Whether she likes it or not, how she got it, if its in a field she enjoys, or if she wants it as a career. She mentioned it more than once.
    You never asked her about Columbia or if she misses it. What she likes, dislikes, or the differences between America and Columbia. She mentioned her cousin and that was a topic for about 30 seconds. She mentioned her mother and you never asked if she missed her, was excited to see her again, or how her mother was handling her being so far away. You missed a lot of connection pieces she was giving you to know her better. That's why you got the LMR.

    Without making an impact she won't remember you. You call her three days later and you will have to remind her who you are.

    Your opener was original. Your kino was good for a while, then you lost it, and somewhat regained later on. You lost strong eye contact with the sunglasses. She went and mirrored you with her sunglasses so eye contact was totally lost. Your tone and voice control was good overall. You have some catchwords you need to get rid of. Re-watch the video and count your "um" and "uh" words. At the end you really pour these on and it sounds like you lose your confidence, which is a DLV, and lends to the LMR.

    Overall, not bad. You get these points down and you will do a lot better.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Nice!

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    Knight THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR FEEDBACK. I Value it to a huge extent... THANK YOU SO MUCH I totally need to DHV more and share my goals and aspirations.

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