advice needed: Friend zoned by my ex girlfriend

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    advice needed: Friend zoned by my ex girlfriend

    Hello everyone,

    So last year i hooked up with my ex-girlfriend in my car but since then i’ve been in the friendzone... yeah Fantastic!!! No but really it sucks. But! Recently something unusual happened.

    Two days ago she invited me for a sleep over at her house. We slept in the same bed but nothing happened. Worst night ever! I couldn’t sleep because i was so horny #friendzoned.. But then last night she came back to my place because i accidentally forgot my pants and my t-shirt at her house. Usually when we see each other she doesn’t put makeup on or doesn’t dress up nicely but this time she made herself super hot! She said she wanted to feel hot for some reason.. Then she asked me if she could stay for a while. I let her in, handed her a bear and we sat on my couch. Suprisingly she was sitting close to me and as we talked she was really touchy. Later, we started talking about what turned us on.. She even told me that my stories was turning her on.. I also told her that i was on nofap so she said that it would be funny to see my reaction if she would stay here half naked in front of me.. in my head i was like” fuck yeah do it! But I said “oh plz no don’t that . That would turn me on too much”... So she didn’t do it... Damn it!

    Then i finally decided to take a step foward and do the massage technique (it works all the time )? But as i started to massage her back, she then said litterally “we’re not going to have sex”... Bam! Boner down! Sexual frustration level max!

    That litterally killed the vibe i was in and i didn’t know what to say.. so i cut the music off, sat down and zoned out for a couple of minutes..

    We continued talking normally then she left...

    I feel like she did this only to boost her confidence and see if she was still desired.. Or maybe she wanted to see how i was going to deal with the situation after she said we weren’t gonna hook up..

    Honestly i’m completely lost, i don’t know what went wrong..

    So has anyone gone through this? Got any advice to get out of this damn friend zone.. ?

  2. Sounds like she is trying to keep you around as a backup. I think you should just move on and start meeting other women.

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    Yeah, as the OP said already. Try and find someone else. All the best!

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