Books to introduce more variety in my sex life?

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  1. Books to introduce more variety in my sex life?

    I think I'm good in bed, girls tell me that often, but I feel like I'm going to start doing the same things over and over if I can't start to introduce more variety into my sex life. Looking for books to read about sex and even long term relationships. I got a good girl right now and I don't wanna fuck it up.


    P.S. Also really interested in advanced slave/master relationships.

  2. "The Way of the Superior Man" - All people will benefit by reading this insightful book about a man's journey through life. I found it to be enlightening and honest. I doubt many men will be up to the challenge.

  3. Can't help on the slave/master thing.

    Go onto amazon. Lots of things to read there on the subject.
    I have kindle unlimited and got several books on sex, kissing techniques, oral and such. Plethora of information. After so long you will end up using the same techniques over and over again. It's inevitable. But, with different women even though you are doing the same thing, it's new to them.

    If you get with just one girl, you can switch things up. Not use one technique for a while, then reintroduce it.

    Read some porn stories that are written by women. Those sometimes have some things to try.

  4. Check out Daniel Rose's "Sex God Method". One of my favorite book on improving the quality of your sex life.



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