My Journals

Hi guys,
I am an Asian guy in early 40s and I have 1 FWB that I am seeing occasionally. I am happy to see her but I would like to meet more women. I used to do day game frequently in the past with a few success here & there. Because I own a start-up business and struggled to make profits for 1st 3 years, I didn't approach women frequently due to financial stress. I also had some physical problems for the past 2 years that almost destroyed my health completely. Right now I am in a better position financially and physically so I can approach women again with a higher sense of calmness. I am going to approach women in restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, live performance, meetup groups, and on the street. I am planning to reactivate my dating apps/accounts that have remained dormant for at least 2 years. My main goals are to approach at least 2 women a day for the 1st 3 months and improve my self-confidence. This is going to be the place where I write down my field reports.