Troubled spot with brat

Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum but not exactly new to seduction

I'd like to submit to you guys a quite strange spot which is driving me crazy.
So I met this girl in a vacation/semivacation context with a fixed crew of people etc, we liked each other since the very beginning but the spot got kinda fucked up so many times and now looks to be in a dark hole.
We slept together with just kissing sweet and teasing stuff (NO SEX AT ALL) two times , each single time the day after she was getting very distant/ignoring me without any particular reason, and I was reacting in the very way you shouldn't in these occasions (putting pressure,getting angry, arguing etc).
She is basically superpicky ( comes from good family, best education and so on) and plays the spoiled princess game, so she didn't want me to have it too easy( she also knows I'm used to lay with lot of women and ofc doesn't like it).
On the otherside, I am doing lot of basic mistakes and showing neediness basically being too much emotionally involved

After the holiday the thing went on chat, then when we were to some kind of peak she randomly got very detached again and tried to friendzone me. Last interaction we had was me insulting her as a crazy spoiled brat and wihtout of course getting any reply.
I cannot meet her around and slowly reset the spot and turn it into my advantage since we live in quite far places at the moment, so the chat is the only thing.

Some additional random info:

- she's 27 I'm 30
- of course I should just give up but guess what I'm in lllllllllove
- she quitted a very long relationship one year ago and since then she didn't have anything serious. The way she gets detached, besides of course being a consequence
of me not playing the right game, looks quite connected to her feeling about relations in this period.
- spoiled brats are my daily bread and I'm really not used to be that needy and to get this kind of NO's after havin kissed etc
- she's a brat but she's also very intelligent in some other areas, it's like she's a quite intelligent girl carrying on her spoiled brat conditioning she had in her early 20s

I was thinkin about lettin some week pass and then text again, I'm torn between these lines:

1. I text her apologizing and trying to start a new convo
pros: - its very likely she get over it and we start again
cons: - i really dont wanna give in to her, and it would be also quite fuckin humiliating
- even if we start again, not being clarified about what happened will carry some tension for some period

2. I text her acting like nothing happened and try to set up a conv again
pros: she wouldn be bothered in discussing thing she doesnt really want to talk about and I dont have to apologize for basically havin told her the truth
cons: - she may just not answer since she's pissed off from the insults and demands apologies
- it looks like legitimating her behaviour which really cannnot be THAT random and spoiled

3. I text her defusing about what happened but trying to make her take responsibility of her actions
pros: - if she engages conversation in the topic we are very likely at least to clarify what happened
- if we go on this then there will be a real reset from where i can play the spot again
cons: - i know she really doesnt want to spend words about what happened or take any responsibility so it will probably sounds weird to her

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance for replies