after so long!! she comes over!

hey guys please patiance its a little long but i really really need your help!!
(im 26 and she is 24.)
a year ago i met a girl we dated like 4 times.. never kissed tho.. she really wanted i just didnt do shit.. i got out from a 10 year relationship and was a little confused..
and few months later she turned cold and i told her i loved her.. ye big mistake.
she friendzoned me.. then i became really cold .. never text never call .. we got really distant. 2 months passed by i called her accidently while i was riding on my bike.. and somehow it led to texting. she suggested we should meet and that she wanted to see me..
i offered her to come over my place since parents are on vacation for 2 weeks.
she said maybe we could meet outside and chat to update? at the end i told her lets make is someother time then.. she agreed to come over and have some food and maybe a movie..
keep in mind this is a girl who friendzoned me. what am i suppost to assume? she comes over to chat or does it mean she's thinking about something that can happen?

i do know that this girl has lottts of male friends and she is really lovely and touchy..
i know that she sometimes comes over to friends to watch some reality shows..
so im really confused.. is it something like that or more? because we didnt talk for 2 months..

please help..