I have a crush on a wedding photographer.

I was attending my cousin's wedding when I saw her. She was one of the wedding photographers shooting the wedding and wow, was she beautiful. I wanted to reach out to her but I convinced myself not to. It turns out that they arenít from here. They were hired from abroad and flew over just for the wedding. So, after the day was over, they flew back to where ever they were from. Itís been about 2 months since and I canít stop thinking about her. I searched for her online to find out that sheís from the neighboring country. I read some articles and tips about this problem of mine from international dating blogs, to dating advice videos on youtube but I canít seem to connect to any of the advices. Iím hoping someone can help me out here in forums on what I should do about this. Should I go for it? Chat her? Fly over to see her?