Working to raise my sexual confidence

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    Working to raise my sexual confidence

    Alright guys, hope you are doing great
    I have started coming out of my shell and started having sex after a long hiatus...

    To be honest, I've met girls on tinder and have been quite easy to get laid even if I don't find them attractive; so far I have managed to attract short overweight girls; I guess that's my level of confidence at the moment and I aim to get the hot sexy girls... do you recommend I continue having sex with those girls? I mean, in order to practice and grow my sexual confidence for the hot girls? Or can that hurt my confidence in the long run?

    I am very honest at the beginning and I tell girls I only want sex and no relationships or commitment and 2 out of 3 accept... so I am not hurting anyone; I think.

    Is it ok to see girls as some sort of school in order to raise my confidence in the sack? Some years ago I dated a pretty girl and even thought about marriage etc but when it ended my confidence went to the bottom and I gained weight (I was already a bit overweight); I am now in a nutrition program and have lost 8.5 kilos already (30 more to go) and I am determined to get in the best shape of my life, though I know that confidence is also an inner work, not just losing weight.

    What would you recommend?

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    anyone? thank you in advance!

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