2nd date plan + question

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  1. 2nd date plan + question

    Hey everyone,
    So I had a REALLY good first (blind) date last night. We talked and drank for 4 hours at a bar. In the middle of this date she just grabbed me and started kissing me and making out with me.
    So, I'd say that's a home run.
    For our second date tomorrow I decided we'll go to a really great sushi place in a very cool old neighborhood in our hometown. After sushi we can go for walk in this old neighborhood, where it is very romantic + lots of places to make out. At some point there's an intersection which can lead either to the beach or to a bar area, so I thought I'd ask her to choose (which will also tell me something about her).
    1. Does this sound like a good plan?
    2. There was one thing that bothered me about last night's date, which was the she didn't even offer to pay half of the tab (I would have refused, but she should have offered). Should I pay for the date tomorrow too? If she doesn't offer to pay for half, is that a bad sign?
    Thanks everyone!
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