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  1. Week 11
    So, it is officially only 1 week left of the fitness program! It is time to really squeeze out the last I have left. My main goal for the last week is to try and up my intensity some more and go all out. If I manage to walk right out of the gym after my workouts I have not trained hard enough.

    It is scheduled with one rest week before we hit Vegas. I will for sure just keep training the last week, but I will up my frequency a bit – full body workouts 3 times the last week. One day with more occlusion training with something called Myo-reps, the next day with higher intensity and the last day with a more volume-based training. That being said, I encourage everyone who reads this to try out the Kris Gethin program on (costs around 7 dollars to access the program, but you get access to loads of other programs as well). If you follow the program, stay dedicated and give 100% you will transform your body.

    The week started off with yoga. I feel like I am getting the hang of it now. Do not get me wrong, I still fuck up in some of the poses and struggle to keep my balance sometimes, but it is a lot better than what it used to be just a few weeks ago. The yoga portion is also something that I encourage people doing. Not only will it make you more flexible and have more control of your body, but it is also liberating to just let go of all the stress you have in your everyday life and just focus on the exercises and the breathing. One thing I do not understand is that yoga is still the single one thing of the fitness program that makes me sweat the most by far. I think it is because there are really no breaks, just going from one exercise to another for 90 minutes.

    On Tuesday we had the SF ab program. Something that I noticed the last few times is that I am getting so tired in the abs during the program that I start to compensate with other muscles just to being able to finish the routine. Obviously, this is not a good thing, but it might not just be all bad. Probably means that I am doing the first exercises correct and getting good abs contraction on those exercises which leads to my abs being fatigued for the last exercises. I think I should rather focus on the fact that my abs are getting worked hard hence being fatigued and if possible, try to reduce the compensation for the last exercises, but do not really sweat it that much. It is not like my abs are not being worked although I compensate a bit with other muscles.

    On Wednesday we had my favourite body part to train on the schedule – legs (sarcasm). 300 reps of leg presses. At the end of the workout my legs felt like jelly and I had to wait for 5 minutes to walk down the stairs to the locker rooms. On the good side, I rushed almost straight to work, but had no cramps or anything. Drinking more water and getting some more salt in me seemed to the trick.

    We had back and chest on Thursday. DTP supersets between back and chest. Exhausting stuff, but such a good feeling afterwards. One thing I have noticed is that my chest is getting bigger compared to my shoulders and arms. That is something have in mind for the last 2 weeks, might up my frequency on my arms and shoulders while having the same amount of reps – basically spreading my shoulder and arm reps over several days. A good thing about that is that since I spread the reps over several days I will be able to lift heavier on each set.Instead of 300 reps for shoulders on one day, I might for instance have 100 reps on 3 days which will lead to a greater overall volume (since I lift heavier). Already asked my mentor about it, so just have to wait and see if I am allowed to deviate a bit from the program.

    On Friday we had DTP sets again. This time for shoulders. Brutal as always. Another cool thing was that France beat Uruguay and is now ready for the semi-final. They are meeting Belgium which is going to be one hell of a match. I think it is 50/50 and it all just comes down who has the margins on their side. Either way, really looking forward to that match. Sadly, I will be working that day, so I doubt I will be able to see much of it.

    On Saturday we had arms. Basically different supersets between bicep and triceps. I really tried to focus on the mind-muscle-connection as I feel like my arms and shoulders are lagging a bit compared to my chest. Killed the workout but having work straight after where I lift stuff was brutal, but manageable. Have to sacrifice something for big arms, right?

    Sunday was the ab ripper x. that is always tough for me no matter how many times I do it. It is a lot easier now compared to the first few times, but I still have lactic acid building up.

    This week was quite hectic. I mentioned in my last blog post that I was not going to work that much this week, but I did some changes with a co-worker so that I do not have to quit my 25% part time job and therefore have a bit of income during Rockstar which is awesome. That means, however, that I have to work a lot leading up to Rockstar. I have for instance four 12 hour shifts in a row, but it is worth it.

  2. #112

    I know I know I'm late and I'm sorry but as the saying goes, better late than sorry so I guess I'm not really sorry. Week 11 was a good week for my ego. My body is really starting to take shape and I fucking love it. Borderline narcissistic even, I can't help but flex everytime I'm in front a mirror. It might sound a bit self-righteous and egocentric, and you're probably right I just don't care. I've been struggling with my body image for a long time since I was in pretty great shape back in high school and then just exploded pretty much so being back in pretty good shape is like going back in time. I have so much energy its insane and I feel so confident.

    When it comes to training this week haven't been much different than any other week. Once you're in the routine it doesn't really matter what you're doing. Every workout is uncomfortable, every workout has brought a feeling of sickness and pain, so nothing is really new. You just get to the gym and do what you have to do. Nutrition is interesting however because as you remove artificial tastes and sugar and your body detoxes from them you actually start to taste differently.

    It's actually a very fascinating experience to go through. Sure, some meals are still super boring like eating 3-4 eggs in the morning, or sometimes when I need to down 200g of nothing else but chicken to fill out my daily intake, I admit it's not super exciting. However, I'm really looking forward to some of my meals even though I've been eating the same thing every day for weeks. I guess you just adapt to the circumstances and even though I'm looking forward to my cheat meal, I don't think I'll ever stop counting calories and macros.

    On a more personal note, I've had quite an interesting week for sure. I've been struggling with my feelings for skydiving and I was even considering stop doing it at all. It was just so much frustration and stress around it and even though I love actually being in the air I didn't know if it was worth the stress. I even talked to a few of my good friends out on the drop zone about it and that I was considering stop doing it. I compare it to be in a destructive relationship with the best looking girl you can think of and you have the most amazing sex but you're constantly fighting every other minute of the day, and I just didn't feel like it was worth it. But as every destructive addiction, I ended up saying "I'll just do a few more jumps and if nothing changes I'm done". I ended up doing a few absolutely magical jumps and obviously, I'm hooked again. I'm just sad I don't have any more time to jump more before Vegas but oh well.

    I've also been on a couple of dates this week with the chick I mentioned last week. As always I have no idea what happened but I'm glad it did, and its a great ego boost for Vegas haha. It's a little bit funny because we were talking about when she noticed she was interested in me and so on and she literally told me like "I've always been in relationships and guys has always been hitting on me, but you didn't. That got me interested, I was like "Whats wrong with this guy?". At the same time I was all like this chick is out of my league and I'm on this intense workout program and I'm going to Vegas soon and there will be tons of girls there so I'm not going to put any effort into it. I guess you can say that she picked me up. I feel flattered.

    She's a super cool girl as well and very relaxed about everything. She knows I'm going away for a while and that I might move back to Thailand this fall so we're just enjoying each other's company and see where it takes us. No stress, no obligations, just what the doctor prescribed.

    I so fucking psyched for Vegas now, I mean if this is what happens just by going through the fitness transformation I can't wait to see what happens after we mastered all the other aspects to this. A lot of the other guys have some or even quite a bit of experience with pickup and love system but I'm quite a blueberry. I don't know if that will translate correctly but basically, it means I have no idea what I'm doing so I believe this will be extremely eye-opening for me, and I'm so hyped to have so many great men at my side to guide me through the process.

    My nerves are slowly transforming into excitement after Dainis little speech about excitement and nervousness having the same physical attributes and I've been giving it a lot of thought lately and like the mindset. But I also believe these feelings come in pairs. Like Ying and Yang, you can't really have one without the other. As you are excited for what might go right, you'll nervous about what might go wrong and in the end it's up to you what you decide to focus on.

    But as this last week of the fitness transformation is coming to its end I'm just going to muscle through the last couple of days and finish off strong. Before we know it this little dream team of people is finally going to meet up in person and I just KNOW it's going to be absolutely epic from start to finish. Lets fucking crush it guys!

  3. 9-Jul-18 Week 9

    This week was all about traveling back home to Poland. I took the opportunity to do a dry run of what my packing would look like for PR (3 weeks left). I'll only have 4 short days @ home when I get back, so focus on PR-readiness was paramount.

    The biggest time eater, by far, was the nearly full day I spent putting on every article of clothing in my closets (yes, I have 2). Since cost of labour is significantly cheaper in Poland, I had hoped to take some of my favorite clothes and get them re-fitted while Iím back home for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, this fitness transformation has caused such reductions in all my bodily proportions that nearly 70% of all my clothing is no longer wearable and does not even look/feel like it qualifies for re-fitting. I have dozens of high-quality articles of ďdressĒ clothing that, for now, I have relegated for review and acceptance by my younger brother, who best could take advantage of my inability to fit into this clothing (me and him used to be about the same size and I hope he can take full advantage, otherwise, it will probably go to the donation bins).

    All this packing and preparing was very hectic and luckily we had 2 rest days on the books that coincided with the exact time I needed to pack and prepare for the trip. I unfortunately skipped the stretchX and YogaX workouts, but in the grand scheme of things, I didnít think this will have a huge impact on my overall transformation (I stayed active and did cardio-equivalent activities).

    What did have a huge impact was the full day lost due to the airport+ flight+travel to new accommodations. I was not able to hit the gym the morning of the travel back home, but I had expected this, and had my cousin all ready to take me to register for a popular gym in Krakůw on the same day we land. This gym has many locations and a few of them are open 24/7 - perfect for the jet lag and/or insomnia.

    So I left on Wednesday and landed Thursday morning. Seeing as how I was here for two weeks, I had planned ahead and packed 3kg worth of supplements with me, in original packaging (as to avoid the red flags that would surely be associated with an assortment of pills and powders packaged in ziplock bags), however, I did not think it practical to pack my weight and kitchen scales.

    First order of business, once I had picked up the keys to our place, by late Thursday afternoon, I made my way over to the mall (on foot, as unlike in Canada/US, the cities here are densely built, allowing for comfortable distances for walking (aka cardio), especially in city centers). There, I was able to get reasonably priced scales (both kitchen and body), as well as a shaker cup and several packages of supplements I had run out of before leaving Canada.

    Despite the general tiredness, my first day in Krakůw consisted of being at the gym for 3.5 hours to cover 2 daysí worth of fitness training. Now I was back on track and fully aware of how to get there.

    Nutrition has been a bit of a struggle - food in Poland is flavorful, plentiful, and delicious. To add to this, all family you visit expects you to eat with them, and are offended when you refuse to try the home-made meals and desserts. I spent a lot of time telling people about the 12-week transformation, the need to monitor macros, especially carb and particularly sugar intake, but inevitably, you take a small ďhonoraryĒ piece of home-made whatever here and there and it quickly adds up. So although the general calorie intake for this week has remained within ~5% of the designated 2000 calorie target, my macros have significantly shifted to 40/20/40 as opposed to the 30/30/40 (carbs/fat/protein). However, by taking a taste here and there, my resolve to stay true to the program ahead of the ďbreak weekĒ has been even better and I havenít really felt the cravings to try things as I travel throughout the day.

    My fat % continues to decline although my average body weight in weeks 8/9 did a parabola - from 174 lbs down to 170 just before travel, back up to 174. The new resolve has taken hold during week 10, and weight is stabilizing back towards its descent trend, but one can wonder how much weight loss I really have left with my 10-14% body fat Range (its unfortunate I was not able to get that 3rd DEXA scan to be sure what my actual body fat percentage is; the Navy and handheld methods are good indicators of trend, but they are hardly accurate in terms of absolute figures).

  4. Week 12:

    AaaandÖ.weíre done! Well, not really. With rockstar just a week and a half away, it feels like all weíre done with is 12 weeks of preparation leading up to this moment. Still, it felt good to be able to see ďthe finish lineĒ on the fitness tracking sheet - definitely feels like weíve accomplished something.

    As per my usual thought pattern, my first thought was ďehÖyes, youíve done somewhat good. But youíre not there yetĒ. But after that I remembered what it felt like to go shopping for the supplements and food on 22nd April, unsure and daunted by what lay ahead. While Iíve lost around 18 pounds over these last 12 weeks, the bigger journey has been mental - working out through illness, finding time through hectic work days to workout, the steady drop in calories, learning to ignore the muscle soreness etc.

    One subtle but important change was learning not to live and die by what the scale said. Somewhere between week 6 and 9 I learned to trust the process and not let my day be dictated by whether my weight had fluctuated up or down that morning.

    I also got better at avoiding tempting (i.e. processed) food. That craving hasnít gone away over 12 weeks, but like all other skills Iím better at it after practicing it for weeks. I donít know if that ever goes away completely given what my habits were before starting this program. But as claudio has told us many time - we become what we do repeatedly. So I just have to keep at it and let that side of me recede over time.

    My workload has been increasing steadily but exponentially over these twelve weeks. Itís all been leading up to the launch of a big project that launches the day before I leave for Vegas. In some ways Iíve been grateful for that Ďdistractioní because left to myself my mind wouldíve just ramped up the anxiety about Vegas. After reading ĎThe Obstacle Is The Wayí I got better at dealing with anxious thoughts by focusing on the process i.e. every time it came up I caught myself and told myself to just focus on that dayís workout.

    Earlier this week I was speaking to a friend and mentioned that I have only one more weekend before I go on sabbatical from work. He said - ďwhatís the problem. Itís going to be an endless Ďweekendí for months after this oneĒ. I realised then that I was still subconsciously labelling whatís ahead of us in Vegas as something to dread rather than something to look forward to. To deal with this I went back to read the PR journals from previous years where the rockstars posted retrospectively about their whole experience, sometimes weeks or months after PR was complete. Definitely inspired me and got me looking at it positively again!

    Anyway, this kind of thinking has clearly impeded me in many areas of my life. And Iím looking forward to dealing with this and my other mental blocks in the weeks ahead.

    Now itís on to shopping, preparing for Vegas while still maintaining momentum on fitness. Lots to do and not much time to do it because itíll take me close to a full day to fly to Vegas. Given my workload I havenít been keeping up on the group chat or watching all the other Rockstarís videos, so hope to catch up on some of that in this coming week.

    Will reserve some thoughts for the final post on reflections from the fitness program, so thatís all from me for week 12. See you in 10 days!

  5. Week 9 Blog

    Hey guys,

    This week was pretty regular regarding the fitness program. I’ve been mostly working out in the mornings, so I actually feel my days are longer and more productive. It’s also nice to have the night to chill and reflect. I think I’m gonna keep doing it that way after PR.

    I went out clubbing last night for the first time in several weeks and I’ve been reflecting today about how it went. Yesterday I went out with a few simple intents:

    - Have fun with my friends
    - Talk to girls without worrying about the outcome
    - Practice some of the inner skills I’ve been working on. e.g. Serenity, lack of self-consciousness and letting out my authenticity

    The good part was that I did have a lot of fun just bonding again with my friends, meeting new people in the club, dancing, and I intentionally let myself go a lot more than I have in a long time (or that I usually do when I’m not drunk). It felt great. It reminded of the feeling of when I was a kid/teenager and I was doing activities just because I enjoyed them.

    On the other hand, every time I talked to (or even saw) a hot girl, I couldn’t help but feel anxious. My serene state went to shit uncontrollably in that moment and my heart rate increased. Self consciousness kicked in and I would either freeze or act clumsy. The good news is that I was able to recover from that state rather quickly and to just go back to doing something else and have fun. The bad news is that every time I was in an interaction with a hot girl, the emotion of anxiety came back and I couldn’t help feeling it. It’s like the hot chick was an anxiety trigger. Reflecting today, I realized that’s the moment when I usually start being funny, trying to impress, etc, which I guess is the solution I’ve found years ago to alleviate my discomfort with the situation. Then I eject “gracefully” as a cool/nicel guy who wasn’t rejected. I always thought the jokes and the funny vibe was me showing my authenticity, but I now realize that’s only partly true, and that I’ve also been using it as a defence mechanism to protect myself from rejection and to protect my ego. I’m glad I identified both the trigger of the discomfort and my behavioral pattern so I can work on improving it during project rockstar. I really wanna express myself as I truly am, but I want to be able to do it in a way that’s natural and contributes to my life as a whole, instead of using one of my qualities to benefit one part of my life and hinder another.

    The best part of this experience was actually today. Besides not having a horrible hangover, this is the first time I don’t punish myself for doing things “wrong” with girls, so I don’t feel bad emotionally. This is the first time I manage to truly put in practice a non-judgemental attitude. I just observed without giving labels of right or wrong, so I don’t feel like shit. After last night, I realized that changing some of my current habits will probably take a lot longer than I thought because there’s a lot of unconscious BS to be aware of and improve, but as Project Rockstar gets closer, I now know that this is the kind of intense program needed to accelerate our personal improvement process. See you guys in Vegas!

  6. 16-Jul-18 Week 10

    Even though it's not week 12 for me, I'm looking forward to having a cheat meal at the end of this week. My aunt is throwing a 60th birthday party combined with her retirement (back home, women get to retire at age 60 if they want) and that is the reason I am here. I have been using the promise/thought of an amazing 3+ course meal with a few shots of vodka, all in the company of family to keep me motivated and on the righteous path!


    This week I decided to be pro-active instead of reactive about our fitness program and the inevitable interruptions and obstacles that traveling back home brings. Last week highlighted how catching up with family and the inevitable “tourist trips” were likely going to lead me to miss a workout here or there, so I decided to use the days that didn’t have any particular outings planned, to try and “double up” on workouts.

    Last week I had to “double up” because I missed workouts. This week, I decided to do one workout in the morning, and then one more in the afternoon. That way, if the next day I didn’t make it to the gym, I would already have one work out “in the bank” so to speak. This method is obviously not ideal, as the idea is to consistently burn 3500-4000 calories each day, but it’s better than missing a workout. Thankfully, because in my home city it is common to walk everywhere, I was always able to get the minimum (and then some) cardio workout in the form of traveling/walking from one destination to the next (or just moving around the city lol).

    For example: on Wednesday I did the required YogaX workout in the morning, then went to the gym in the evening to do the next day’s Chest+Back DTP workout. On my return I was beat but was still able to enjoy the awesome match between England and Croatia. On Thursday I had planned to go do a tour of Auschwitz, which took most of the day, and instead of going to the gym like I had originally planned, an impromptu invite to hang out with family and friends derailed that plan, but I accepted the invite because I had already gotten the workout done the previous day. To boot, the tour of Auschwitz was very heavy on walking, and so I had easily done 3 hours of walking during the tour, plus another 30 minutes of traveling (on foot) between locations.

    I went to bed early on Thursday night (midnight), and was up by 8am on Friday, allowing me to hit the required Ab RipperX + StretchX (rest day) workout in the morning. Then, after a few errands and visits with family, I was able to hit the gym in the evening to do the next day’s shoulders workout, thus getting another workout in the bank. In best case, I will keep this going to cut my 12-week transformation 1-2 days short of the original end date!


    My nutrition never really recovered back to the desired 30/30/40 macros split, but I did manage to control my calorie intake for most of the week... at least until the “break week” started. Everyone on Rockstar gets a 1 week break between the end of the fitness program and the beginning of the 9-week, with the exception of myself and a few of the other “late entrants” into the program. To accommodate, our coaches allowed us late folks to have a “break week” where we are allowed to loosen the usually tight requirements on nutrition - have a couple beers/drinks with family and friends, indulge in a few of the restricted foods, etc.

    That said, it’s still important to try and control yourself as much as possible not to undo all the good work, or suffer a set back of 1-2 weeks.

    So far I have tried to keep it minimized (ie. Don’t exceed the calorie limit by more than 25%) and plan to maintain my fitness requirements to use the excess calories in a positive way (to potentially build muscle instead of storing fat). However, the real results won’t truly be known until next week so stay tuned!

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  8. Week 12, 7.15.2018

    Well, shit.

    Here we are. The LAST week of the physical fitness program.

    And just like that. Just like all of us knew it would happen. Here we are. And by here, i mean imean fucken FAST!

    And still, it seems to have caught me off guard.

    I had some injuries (knee and elbow) during this phase of the program that limited me from my possible full potential.

    I like some of the changes to my body. But i know (that if i were just a bit healthier) i could have done and gained so much more!

    The injuries, plus the drastic change from a primarily high fat/low carb (almost keto) diet to a low fat/high carb one, was a shock to my system that took me a while to adjust to.

    In fact, iím still not sure iím as adjusted as i should be. As i can be.

    I was on this high fat diet for almost 3 years. And even though i wasnít as swole or defined as i wanted to be during those years, i did notice the ďhealth benefitsĒ from such a diet. Primarily hormone balance, gut health and digestive regularity.

    On this new 40/40/20 diet, i donít feel quite as healthy as i should. Especially my energy levels and digestion.

    In fact, i find myself quite often not being able to hold down all the food i eat. I have these massive, intense bowel movements (sorry if itís TMI, fellas). But because of that, i donít think iíve been able to gain the necessary mass iíve wanted to.

    I went to a doctor to check myself out. And it seems as though my thyroid is not working properly.

    I will be taking some type of replacement therapy to see if it helps. I surely do. And I will keep at it.

    But on the positive side, Iíve noticed changes to my body, as well as to my fellow rockstars. And even though i didnít get the full results i wanted this time around, i now know, and can see, the amazing potential of this strategy.

    And now, more than ever, iím focused on approaching this physical transformation part with more vigor and determination when i do it again.

    And, with the meal prep during RS, and the amount of committed gents in our class, as well as my slowly but steadily improving knee and elbow, i feel as though i can and will see better physical results during the summer.

    I want to continue building on this progress!

    And with the positive, encouraging environment at RS this will undoubtedly be the best possible situation for me to improve not just on my ďgameĒ but also on my mental, physical and emotional well being.

    I know, we ALL know, that itís going to be hard.

    That the time constraints and commitments to the program will push us to the limit. But itís also becoming clear, that these aspects of our lives (physical, mental, emotional, etc) are dealt with in such high regard in that community that it will be encouraged on a continual basis.

    And thatís what i need. Thatís what i want. And itís fucken awesome.

    Aside from my thoughts on the physical transformation portion of it, iíve also been thinking a bit (well, more like a LOT) on my SDL from last weekend.

    On my hook up with that 23 yr old, Amy.

    Not going to lie. Even though i felt like it was a lot of work to get her to climax (MORE work than iíve ever put into any sex related activity), upon reflection, it was totally worth it!

    Looking back on it, i loved every minute of it.

    Not just the sex part (which, when i finally did climax, was awesome!), but the whole process of it.

    There are moments when i think about the entire day with her. And how easily and congruent i was in leading her from the kiss to the bedroom, that i think to myself ďthat was so easy. I could TOTALLY do this again and again with any girlĒ.

    But, just as quickly, i find myself thinking ďdamn, can i? Can i really do that again?Ē Iím not even sure i can do it again with Amy. Iím not sure exactly how to get her for another lay.

    I mean, iím trying to ping her every now and then (in a non-needy way), and she seems to respond very eagerly and nicely. So i think (and I hope) that sheís still interested in me. At least interested enough to see me again.

    But, until it happens, until i get her into my bedroom, iím not sure and not confident that i can.

    Currently, iím in japan traveling. And sheís in the state of washington visiting her family. And iím trying to learn on the fly how to keep her interested enough and thinking about me. But i just donít have the tools, yet.

    Tools that i will undoubtedly get from RS.

    But sadly, in this case as it always seems to be in life, i just donít know how to handle something like i will know in a few months.

    I know i shouldnít focus too hard on her. That i will start to get the ďabundanceĒ mentality in vegas, but emotionally right now (because i donít have abundance) i canít get past it.

    This experience with Amy is allowing me to realize one of my issues already. That i get too attached too quickly with a girl.

    On one hand itís good, because i needed something like this to get past my ex-gf. But on the other hand, iíve replaced one obsession with another one.


    I obviously need MORE experience with girls and more reference points to truly be free, and to truly be my own man.

    But until then, this is going to be a bit arduous.

    Who knows? If i get another lay from her (iím home this coming weekend for a few days before i leave for vegas, and i think she comes home for a week during that time before going up north for school) then i may just get on the road with the clearest of minds and testicles, haha.

    But, if not, if iím not able to do it, then i will have to use this experience to become stronger! To take this opportunity to learn and grow from.

    It wonít be easy. I know myself, but i have to be prepared for either scenario.

    And as i type this, a sense of calm is washing over me. That no matter what, that i WILL get another shot (hopefully more) with another high quality girl.

    That i will be out in the field so often, that just the sheer amount of interactions will get me something good And that thought alone makes me smile

    Letís do this!


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