how to go about it?

I dated a girl for about 6 weeks then she ended it basically saying she prefers to be the one to chase and me coming on strongly pushed her away. I honestly donít think I came on that strong but there were things that made me fall for her too fast I admit. She said she liked me but need time to herself to think. I stupidly told her I was hurt by this and decided to give her the space and focus on myself and other women. After a week shes messaged me asking how I was doing(part of me thinks it was her just being nice due to me not taking it well) I responded and a we had a small chat about stuff but nothing serious. So I decided to not contact her for a while, I was thinking about doing so recently as I still would like to try start something with her. So it had been 3 weeks since last contact and she messaged me asking how I was doing. I wasn't sure what to reply with, other than knowing I can not project that I need her in my life(which I donít). We exchanged a few messages which have been quite friendly but not flirty.

Then she said:

"We should catch up sometime if you're keen? I know I stopped talking to you before and I'm sorry about that it wasn't fair on you. I do like you things just got a little complicated"

my reply:

"Yeah I would like to catch up with you ____. Let's grab a drink sunday."

she did not respond to the invite, but later on that night(11pm) she messaged saying: " Hey , are you up?"
I was at a wedding and my phone was dead, saw this in the morning

more games and ****?

I'm thinking a few things:

1. ignore her completely for a while/for ever

2. message her with a new date request later this week

3. message her saying I'm not gonna play games/ or be messed around etc.

Also I can give a lot more back story to the situation if it helps.


Any advice welcomed