Cold after 4th date and f close. Says she's nervous around me

Hey guys

Started dating a girl i hadn't seen in 10 years, but we were following each other on social media so we kinda knew a bit about each other already.

First Date went very well, nice escalating after a lot of comfort and personal talk. Ended up kissing and making her orgasm twice with my fingers. She refused sex because she hadn't shaved down low.

Second Date also a lot of kissing, but no logistics to escalate further. Good personal and sexual conversation though.

Third Date we made a painting together at her place and afterwards had sex. Good sex, made her come three times and afterwards cuddled a bit.

Later that week it was a coincidence we were hanging out in the Same Town so i went and Said hi to her and her 2 friends. We kissed in front of her friends and all was good.

Suddenly a few days later she stops being enthusiastic on texts. Just answers but nothing more. Next Date i feel something is off so i straight up ask her and she says she feels nervous when she sees mee and is a bit uncomfortable around me. Also she has a lot of stress in school and says the added stress i give her might be too much.
I tell her not to worry, we might just have moved things to fast so i tell her we can slow things down and get to know each other better in a chill way. I tell her school is a priority and she should text me when she wants to hang out. (afterwards realised this was a mistake, i should lead of course).
She is happy i reacted this way and at the end we make out again.

Few days later i text her: hey let's meet next tuesday for drinks at place x at time y. Don't be late😉

She answers : i thought i was going to text you if i wanted to hang out, know it seems like i even don't have a choice. I want to focus on school this week.

I'm thinking i screwed up big time, and it's done. But I think going no contact was not going to work if this is what she thinks about the text.

SO i text her this: no pressure, school is more important. But you know i like to take the lead and i'm not going to change my behaviour cause this is who i am. No pressure, take your time, but I wasn't trying to push anything. This is just how i am, you know that.

No reaction so far, but it doesnt matter. Right now i just go no contact and wait. If she texts me in a month or so after her thesis is finished, great. But nothing else i can do now, right?

In hindsight i probably shouldve gone slower, even though i tried to make the conversation as much about emotional and personal things to create comfort. Also the text to hang out was a mistake i believe, but I had to text her because i put her in the lead and i don't like waiting for her to propose something.

Any advice what i shouldve done better or different, or what i should do now?