How to turn my friendship into a relationship?

Well, I couldn't really think of a title closer to my situation.
So to give a bit of context before I get to the point:

There's this girl I love, and actually have very deep feelings towards her for around 1 year now. The last months we've been hanging out a lot, and pretty much became literally best friends, she's one of my closest people at the moment, and I'm one of her closest people as well.

Less than a month ago I did an all-out confession about my feelings towards her, she didn't expect a thing since she's kinda bad at reading people. The answer was both nice and painful... She said that she feels the same things that I do (familiarity, closeness, love etc) BUT in a friendly way, not in a romantic way, as I do.

Now, we're still hanging out a lot, have fun together, talk about EVERYTHING literally, and the situation is pretty much the same as before, only thing is now she knows how I feel.

Last thing I should mention is that I'm suspecting that she might like someone else, not deep feelings or something, just a crush, but I'm pretty sure who he is and I'm also pretty sure that he doesn't feel the same.

What should I do in order (I don't want to "force" her to change tho) make her see things a bit different and probably turn this friendship into an actual relationship?
More body contact? I really need an advice on this topic. Thanks.