How to make an interracial relationship work

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    How to make an interracial relationship work

    I love getting to know people who come from different cultures and walks in life. However, I have yet to try out being in a relationship with someone who is not my race. Im aware that some culture differences may be very serious and that it might cause a lot of problems in a serious relationship. Im actually planning to join this international dating social event and hopefully, Ill meet someone who will be interested in a serious relationship.

    I am quite worried about how interracial relationships work though. Do we both have to make large adjustments in life? I need to hear personal experiences or advices from those who have tried to make things work in this type of relationship.

  2. Interracial relationships typically don't work unless both people are from the same culture. It can work in the short-term, but the novelty wears off and you guys realize difference is good but not at the sake of harmony.

    Any long-term interracial relationship you see is most likely two people who had similar upbringings.

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    Sometimes there's language issues and cultural differences,but it's like any relationship with a pain in the ass woman.

    I wouldn't focus on a serious relationship until you're with someone that also wants things to go to the next level.

    The language issue is easy to deal with though, you learn her language, she learns yours, and try new foods out that you hadn't experienced before. I consider what you want to do a social mixer, so check it out and have a good time.

    I agree, dating different ethnicities can be a novelty, but a LTR isn't a novelty.

    At 28, you're already casting a wide net as far as types and ages go, you can go for girls in college to cougars and no one's going to judge, and do singles travel on vacation time.You'll have a good time with like-minded people, and if a hookup happens, it's a fun memory to revisit later on.

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