I slept with a married woman..

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  1. I slept with a married woman..

    Hello all,

    I recently had a one-off fling with a married woman at work, felt guilty immediately, then told her that I didn't want to do this anymore. She was fine about it and we moved on. Oh yeah, i am single by the way.

    The problem is, that I told a couple of close friends about it, and I can now see that I am being ignored, and have noticed that i have not been invited to one or two events within the friends circle. All my mates are married with kids and i can understand how this must look. We have all been friends since Highschool, which is going on 20 years + now.

    Am I being paranoid, or have I lost their respect?

    What to do?

  2. Guys,

    I really need some advice on this. I am in a bad way. I think depression is setting in.

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    Probably you should ask your friends what they think.

    People on the forum don't know these people so we couldn't guess.

    I suspect a lot of your depression is simply from your own guilt.

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    Don't think of it too much. They are old friends, they wouldn't necessarily exclude you from your own circle even if they disagree with something you have done.

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    Ya, everyone is flawed, and true friends accept their friends faults.

    IMO good friends will tell you if they're upset. My policy is, if someone doesn't tell me they have a problem, then I assume they're good.

  6. Ask your friends for their honest thoughts on the situation. If you are as close as you think they will look past it.

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