Women and Oral Sex "How Long"

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  1. Women and Oral Sex "How Long"

    Question regarding receiving Oral sex,

    so I have picked up some good women the last while, but I found something odd. when they go down on me "blowjob" they will go for about 5 minutes then say something like are you close yet... For me it could take me 15 minutes or more depending on the girl...

    is this a sign of miss information for the girl or just some weak guys shes been with before, or am I wrong and just take to long to cum.

    anyone have input on this, or experience this ?

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    Grab her head and deepthroat her.
    Jeez...haven't you learned anything from porn?

  3. First, she isn't very good if she can't get you in under 15 minutes. Second, they love when you go down for many minutes, but they do tend to say that it hurts their jaw to go more than 5. Seems unfair. lol They should practice more.

    (Also...who is Miss Information?)

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