Super Seducer by Richard La Ruina *STEAM* Review

So at first I got "Dating Lessons VR" its very broken save your time It wont work for anyone, waste of 11..

Then my wing send me a message on steam, "yo check it "

it was a link to Super Seducer, a seduction course by Richard La Ruina. I was apprehensive at first being it is 9,87 and 24.94 at current for the whole program. but then he followed up with a Kinguin link for the whole package for 10 that deal is gone now as im guessing was bought for someone who didnt want it as i received it as a steam gift.

I have this 3 days and I have over 9 hours in it now, its surprisingly impressed me. So this is a early stage review.

There is no theory its more routines so far straight in, like there is no discussion of why this works or why you should talk this way. By no means is it a one stop job. But being that I have been studying the material from other PUA's who explained theory so i could easily understand what he was saying and why.

The Program is a scripted collection of live action videos in different situations such as bars, clubs, day game or on a date, with a preset challenge such as go on a instant date. What is interesting touch is that it stops and lets you chose what you can say and possible reactions to these routines followed by a brife message from Richard La Ruina saying something like you want her to to see you as having a life of your own, then jumps back to the story, at the end you are scored on how you did.

I have not looked at the DLC yet I am still going trough the main system, I dont feel I am learning much new from it, but I feel that I am getting to see the routines I use from a different view from a professional to see how it should be done and how it should look.

The content is good, and not all work it also has some funny choices and that can be amusing such as "Look under her skirt" follwed by Richards clip of thats not very gentleman like.

For the price, its not a killer over all without sale prices its 35 for the base course and DLC's not to bad for the content you get, and I would recommend people check it out.
There in the following order

Base Game:
Super Seducer : How to Talk to Girls

Super Seducer - Bonus Video 1: Realizing Your Value
Super Seducer - Bonus Video 2: Daytime Strategy
Super Seducer - Bonus Video 3: Earning the Kiss
Super Seducer - Bonus Video 4: Bridging the Gap
Super Seducer - Bonus Video 5: Nighttime Strategy
Super Seducer - The Natural (Audiobook)

Would I recommend... Yea its pretty good, and for the price its not going to kill anyone to get the material, it is also surprisingly fun and the women are pretty easy to look at also, when I finish all the material I will right a Finial review.

Finial Note:
Hey Richard La Ruina if you read this, and have more content coming out I would absolutely love some keys to check out the new DLC being that I am a broke student.