Should i do a Bootcamp as an intermediate?

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  1. Should i do a Bootcamp as an intermediate?

    Hello, I have intermediate levels of game and slowly progressing to advanced. Ill occasionally hookup with a hot chick and wont be entirely sure how I did it.

    I would like to get more consistent and build a abundance of beautiful high-quality women in my life.

    Is a Bootcamp appropriate for me? It seems to me to be more for beginners but would like to hear some opinions on what would be best for me

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    Hi Taz,

    A Bootcamp will definitely unravel the mystery as to how you're getting the women you're getting. Even naturals who have no issues getting a lot of women in their life find the bootcamps very useful as it goes over why and how attraction works. Sounds like you would benefit a lot.

    If that doesn't sound appealing to you, there's always the 10day bootcamp which goes into much more advanced topics, email me at and I'll connect you with an instructor to discuss what option is best and what you can expect.

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    No worth doing a 10 day bootcamp. at least as long as project rockstar continues

  4. As an option you can try Bootcamp

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    Funny how my post seems to be deleted as well as a review about last years super conference product


    A negative review regarding the sound etc and it gets deleted. Which says a lot about love systems.

    not very good service, in fact it makes it worse.

    I bet this gets deleted with out even a private message sent to me explaining why

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