Complex i think or over thinking

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  1. Complex i think or over thinking

    Morning Everyone,

    im not typically the type to ask for advice as i usually wing it as i am a confident person.
    I am single now and its been years since i was back in the dating scene. I have been recently approached by a woman that is frommy past of 10 yrs and have struck our friendship again, as my ex had me delete her from my life as she felt threatened by her. We have such great conversation, laugh, and truly enjoy eachothers company. here lies my problem.

    We both have a tendenancy in our past realtionships to rush and move forward quickly, which ends up failing down the road. she suggested we see eachother for 3 months at least, no sex (im ok with that as sometimes sex complicates things and thats all it becomes), i totally see where she is coming from and we have been talking every day, all night, she comes over to spend the night (no sex), we are mentall and spiritually on the same level. its been amazing. I used to think i was in love with other women and i have now realized what love is with this girl. I waited 10 yrs for this. but then i made a mistake and told her how i felt, i think it was a mistake. im not sure as we still talk all day, she loves to see me, but am unsure if i should have kept my mouth shut. She did explain her idea of the three months rule as she said she tends to flight by then, and im not sure if she has decided to take this approach because she is very much interested in making it work or am i just clueless and grasping as somethig there. i am not a very emotional person or even tend to talk about my feelings and never have but my god she makes it easy and i feel weak when i do. Any advice or questions would help folks

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    IMO it's rarely a mistake to be honest.

    no idea why you keep saying it was a mistake.

    What's the problem here?? Keep hanging out until the 3 months are up and then go from there.

    other thing to remember: "no sex" doesn't stop you from being physical & sensual. Absolutely you should be kissing her, massaging her, holding her, etc. ... make it your goal to have her so turned on that on day 91 she should be ripping your pants off with her teeth.

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