How do you know it's the right time to settle down?

Ive been dating my girlfriend for about a year now were in a long distance relationship and I met her through this site called LoveMe. Weve met when I visited her in Bangkok, Thailand and things have been going really well between us. The distance has been weighing on us and its obviously frustrating. Weve been talking about what it would be like living together and surprisingly have been fun talking and thinking about it too so now, Ive been wondering.

Maybe its time that we think about settling down. But, maybe its because of the distance frustrating me that is making me think about these so now, Id like to ask, how do you know that its the right time to settle down? How do you know that its about time to think of marrying and starting a family? I am financially stable and Im confident that I can support her as well. Although, having kids would be for a latter time.

But anyway, I really need advice it is smart for me to think of popping the question?