Hypnovision subliminal seduction tapes

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    Hypnovision subliminal seduction tapes

    This is a very UNCONVENTIONAL collection of seduction products which ive had for a while.
    I have no idea if anyone has heard of Hypnovision by artie schiff but they have a HUGE section on subliminal seduction. the whole site is MAD with information and tapes. do a search on the net for their site.
    the way they work: they sell conventional audio tapes which are encoded with NLP subliminal messages, geared towards whichever goal you want. e.g. to exude an aura of sexuality, to attract women remotely, to seduce them easily, to easily approach the opposite sex etc etc. You listen to them for 5-10 minutes 2-3 times per week, and all the changes you want are supposed to take place. You obviously cant hear the messages cos its subliminal.
    i have these tapes in their catalogue: the names are HV 13, HV 14, HV 15P, HV 16.
    Positive Effects i've had whilst listening to the tapes:
    1. shitloads of more AI's and smiles from women. both during the day and night
    2. more direct approaches initiated by women in clubs/bars
    3. more sexual contact e.g breast thrusting, nipping my ass, seductive talk
    Negative Effects:
    1. can sometimes give you an airy head. you dont have that same sense of mental control over what you do and say when you sarge. Obviously that may simply be due to my mind not being conditioned enough to minimize this side effect.
    2. ive maybe not listened to these tapes long enough to have a permanent effect. in other words, theres been no permanent effect
    3. the tapes dont really live up to their MASSIVE claims. HV 16 states that you can sexually control other people everywhere (SCOPE) remotely, just with the power of your mind. But the tapes do have some effect.
    has anyone heard of or used any of these tapes? ive started to use their HV 16 tape again to field test its effects properly, before i decide whether to keep using it or not.


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    you guys crank me up.
    they're a complete ripoff in terms of price. about $80 for one tape. but you can get less powerful ones e.g normal subliminal tapes for $25 i think.


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