Girl Laughs when we kiss!?

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  1. Girl Laughs when we kiss!?

    Hey guys! So Im into the mystery methods (more so years ago than now) so I figured this would be a good spot for advice.

    I just met up with a girl after exchanging emails and pictures from online hookup site. Ive seen her nude in her pics and weve had great convos in email. We decided to meet to see if the chemistry is there like we both think it is. We are both attached currently.

    So we parked in a lot and just talked. Shes very outgoing laughs a lot and very beautiful. Shes the type with new car, new home, sophisticated, and seems very sure of herself and confident. However, she tells me the opposite. Shes unsure of herself and can never get comfortable sexually she says. She mentioned always worrying if shes pleasing the right way, if the guy is happy with her etc. So convo was going good, she gave me good signals and I even asked if theres still a connection now that we met. She said yes. So I kissed her fine ass. She started laughing and I was like WTF? Kissed a few more times and she kept laughing. I was trying to get into it mentally because I was digging her but the laughing offput me to be honest. Asked her if it was me and she said no, I told you I get weird when the time actually comes. I believe her and believe she may laugh cuz shes nervous and digs me too. However I find it hard to progress if all shes going to do is laugh! Lol. Im sure a more intimate spot than a parking lot would help relax her but Im looking for advice how to handle a woman that laughs when you kiss and laughs pretty hard. Im not going to contact her for few days just to see if she engages in me as that will confirm her interest in me. She wants a fifty shades of grey type of thing and someone who is constantly thinking about our sex but how can I get her off better than anyone if she shuts down sexually. She is insecure about herself although she doesnt show it. Need help working around this please in the masterful mystery method way. I want to rock her world, I did back off at one point and said okay Im staying back until you initiate because your laughing and I feel its me, I need confirmation. She says shes not but its fucking with the moment and getting annoying. Shes 31 so expierence should not be the issue. Shes been cheated on a lot but I feel she dont take me serious when I tell her how stunning she is. How can she accept and fall into me like I want?

    Thoughts? Thanks!!!

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    This woman is somewhat messed up. And since you're both cheating, it's tough for anyone to give useful advice.

  3. I thought it was messed up too. Wondering if anyone expierenced something similar or know how to DHV or work a woman like this.

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    Pretty much everyone here is going to tell you to not waste your time on a basketcase, especially when you're both already in relationships

    I mean, how little do you value your own time and your own standards?

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    Girl Laughs when we kiss!?

    Gq1 where does he mention committed relationships?

    Girl sounds normal to me, just a bit insecure.

    Don't worry about the laughing if she's going with it. Are you taking chances? Are you progressing physically? Or are you just pulling back everytime she laughs?

    Sounds to me you need to be worrying more about what YOU'RE not doing than what she's doing.

    PS -

    Get this Mystery Method crap out your head. Women are normal people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoursTruly View Post
    We are both attached currently.

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