Sent my gf a surprise but shes moving. HELP!

Im having a huge problem right now guys. A few months ago, I pre-ordered a package to be delivered to my girlfriend overseas in Thailand. We met each other through a romance tour service more than a year ago and Ive been planning this surprise since then.
After we got together in a relationship, I bought her this awesome statue of a pink elephant which shes been wanting since she was little. I was able to find one online with a very intricate design attached with some precious jewels.
Since the statue was a bit expensive for my budget, I reserved and pre-ordered it until I was able to pay everything off. So, heres my problem now, its turns out that shes moving to another apartment in a couple of days and the package might arrive a few days afterwards.
The timing could not have been more inappropriate! What do I do guys?? She doesnt know yet where shes moving to exactly since shes still deciding which apartment to choose from so, Im like a sitting duck here. Guys I really need some advice! I need help! What should I do?