I last ages receiving head but cum straight away from sex... help?!

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  1. I last ages receiving head but cum straight away from sex... help?!

    Does anyone have any tips for me? I can last ages and ages (more than half an hour) when my gf gives me head or a handjob but when we have sex I last less than a minute. When I donít wear a condom i cum after less than 10 strokes. Please help me out!!

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    How often do you have sex?

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    I have never been able to cum from just head ever until my current gf, I think it depends on the girl this one is the best ive ever had but it still takes a while. I think regarding actual sex, try have more of it the more you cum the longer itll take the next time. If itll still not working whenever you feel it try and picture something that diminishes that urge before ure past the point of no return, for me it was carp good luck

  4. If you are fast doing other things, then she isn't giving enough stimulation during oral. Give her direction.

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