Resurrection of NC Pickup Lair

Gentleman (and ladies if applicable),

I've been away for awhile, though have been a member of these forums for 6 years via various alias's. I find it disappointing that the NC lair has not had a post anytime recently. Of all the places with amazing girl to guy ratios, there still exists a gap in skilled men. In North Carolina, pickup is easy; there is very little competition if you know a bit of what you're doing. Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, Wilmington, Greenville, the triangle, anywhere really. I return to bring out aspiring PUAs of all levels. To connect with wings, share knowledge, and get NC back on the map are short-term goals. I would love to see NC produce some serious talent. I'm not saying it's not here, but the sub-forum is dead; let's resurrect it and show the world the talent and potential here in this state.

Should anyone see this, comment below and we will begin to connect and rebuild this 'ghost town' of a pickup lair.

Much love,
Honey Badger