Women unconscioulsy covering-up their cleavage when I speak to them!?

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  1. Women unconscioulsy covering-up their cleavage when I speak to them!?

    I've noticed the past 2 months, that when I'm speaking to women ... not ones that I'm trying to pick up, but women in general ... that too many times, they will instinctively use both hands to close their sweater/blouse/OuterShirt in order to (I'm guessing) to make sure I don't look at their boobs. This happens even when I'm clearly not even trying to look & when they aren't exposing them too much! The women range from 25-50yo, some are cute, some are definitely not.

    SO ... am I giving some kind of perv-vibe that I'm not aware of, or do women do this in-general, where I've never been aware of this happening for the past many-decades of my life?

    Thanks for the insight!

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    Are you sure you're not accidentally giving them an uncomfortable stare? If not, then you may just be over thinking it. Maybe some creep behind you was. I wouldn't worry about it, just try not to break eye contact for a glimpse at her boobs lol.

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    I see women do this a lot, not just with their tops, but also to pull down skirts which are very short and riding up. I assume it's just a thing that happens when women wear clothes that don't stay in place while they move around.

    Pretty sure it's not a conscious "you're scaring me" thing.
    It's more likely a "I have a minor, generalized feeling of exposure or immodesty or disheveled" thing.

    It may be perception bias also- now that you've noticed it, you look for it a lot more often.

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