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  1. Hi gq1,

    1.Since January, have you been picking up and having sex with other women?
    Only 1.

    If not, why?
    I,m fairly reclusive. Apart from work and sport, i dont go out much. At the moment i just want sex, but i find it hard to approach a woman with this in mind, as i always think that they are looking for a relationship.

    Do you still have "oneitis" for TravelGirl? (Or is she now in the "Worth pursuing, but also other fish in the sea" bucket?)
    I dont have oneits. I think she would be a great travel companion and would be very interested as to how things would play out if we saw each other again. I would say she is worth persuing, but i,m not ready for a relationship.

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    Hi Taboo, I wrote a lengthy reply and then the site told me "your post must be approved by a moderater"

    Long story short-
    1. Women who don't commit to plans with a guy are not very attracted to him. (Attraction usually goes away with time)
    2. You should still get active in pursuing women despite your preconception about what they want. You could be surprised what you'll discover.

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    For example, I was casually dating a girl for many months. For a few reasons I told her I couldn't date her any more. A week later she texts me saying "no relationship is ok, but could we still have a physical thing?"


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