Emailing a work colleague /possible flake?

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  1. Emailing a work colleague /possible flake?

    Hi guys,

    New to this forum but have read the majority of the books and I'd say I do well for myself. Couldn't find an email sub forum so slipped it here.

    A little background on my my office I sat near a HB8/9 and she knows it. We were always a little flirty but not overly. A month or so ago I moved departments, I see her now maybe once and at most twice a week. I went on holiday recently and when I returned she insisted we caught up...however it never happened. I work for an events company and there is an event on Boxing Day we're hosting. I emailed her a few days back to say I'd be attending and made general small talk, she said she would be working but could possibly see me shortly after she's done depending on her Boxing Day plans. She emailed today to say she has plans at home so has to go straight home and cannot make it but catching up after the Christmas period is a must.
    I guess my question is how do I accept this without accepting her flaking? I'm sure it could be a genuine excuse. But don't want to be an AFC and say "no worries, I shall see you whenever "

    Cheers guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickey_Pearce View Post
    But don't want to be an AFC and say "no worries, I shall see you whenever "
    That isn't the response of an AFC

    That is the response of a confidence man who's life continues on without missing a beat even when a coworker he has no attachment to doesn't follow up on a promise of chit-chat made purely out of politeness.

    Nothing you can do besides accept you're not a part of her life right now. If you want to change that, then ask her out on a date & escalate.

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