how (emphasis on "HOW") do you this now?

Hey all, just getting back on the phone game so i'm trying to see where i'm at with my skill.

been mildy flirting with 23yo on the phone i met through a work (we don't work together) party on tuesday. We agreed to meet up on Friday, but we barely missed each other after trying to meet up since she had to catch the late train home and i didn't get to the bars until way late. She did show up at the 3rd bar we agreed on (she was with friends), to say hi and dipped almost immediately to walk a bit of a way to the tram. The next day on Saturday, we agreed to hang this week. I didn't text her on sunday since i was busy with other things.

after catching up via text (4-6 back and forth, funny light) this morning,i asked her when she's available, gave her two days to choose. it took her a while to respond to my question but when she did, she responded with a long text explaining her schedule this coming week from work due to the holidays, a "work is stressful as fuck" and "i will keep you updated", and "i've a friend in town and i haven't seen her in 6mos".

I'm not sure how to approach this; if i should think of this as a rejection already or if it isn't and she's really just busy, how would you respond?