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    Hi everyone...I'm an Indian guy who has recently moved to Australia. I'm 33 and I have never had a romance with any girl til now Indian or Aussie. Now that I'm here I'm more interested in dating an Aussie girl. The only girl who was interested in me all my life was a lebanese girl who was actually someone else's wife. Luckily for both of us nothing ever happened. But the point here is that I do not understand why 99.99% women don't like me romantically or sexually except for this lebanese girl. Before you bring up arranged marriage I want to let you know that I'm not interested in it. Even if I did get an arranged marriage it does not solve the underlying issue. My wife might end up saying" sorry I don't see you in that way. I was just forced to marry you. Now that we are here in Australia I would like to get a divorce and move on with my life". My family tells me I have everything to be happy....financially strong, a good job of my own, many places where I could stay and yet I end up spending days wallowing in self pity listening to Staind records because most girls just put me in the friend zone. I have met different girls in different situations like clubs or bars or even outdoors. I approach girls once or twice a month. They say I'm a very nice guy but there is no attraction or they just don't see me in that way or that they have a boyfriend or they are married or some BS just to get rid of me. I don't have an Indian accent according to most people I meet..more like a casual/neutral accent. Most people I meet think I'm a cool guy and assume that I have had lots of girlfriends when the reality is I am a big zero in that department. I have always had the habit of making other people comfortable in all situations even if its at my own expense. My friends say this habit of mine has hurt me especially when it comes to women. My feelings of inadequacies after rejection ranges from my race to my height (5'8) and everything in between. I can't even pull the race card at this point because I'm seeing plenty of Indian guys with Aussie girls. What are your thoughts?

  2. Women who are westernized seek financial stability after getting banged out in their best years.

    Google 'all the single ladies' by TheAtlantic. Woman drops bf at late 20s to "find herself." By that she means, skiing down cawk mountain, running through the bad boys and men who wont give her the ring. Squandering her SMV and hitting the wall only to seek beta male cuck provider to raise her bastard children.

    Switch up your style. Checkout free tour. If you have the resources, buy Boot Camp. Change up your style. Get a sick bunch of tattoos. Shed beta male provider. Hide resources from women. As in, seek party girls not women who hit the wall and want to play homemaker now. Her best years spent running through dudes who wont buy the ring. Now, given society and the promo for 'sloot gonna sloot,' you are expected to raised cratered sexual market value's bastard children.

    If you have no spine or self respect, you do so and follow the beaten path in society. I rather my genes be removed from the gene pool then raise some other man's babies. I am not marrying the girl who just jumped off some dude's dick and had a bunch of stds and abortions.

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    My thoughts are: You can't change your skin colour or your accent or people's racist attitudes so there's no point on dwelling on it.

    if you want to date aussie girls, then start socializing with aussie girls, and start asking out aussie girls.

    Just accept that like 99.9% of guys, you will face a lot of rejection, and dealing with that rejection is how you learn & grow.

  4. I give you good tips

  5. " I approach girls once or twice a month"

    That amount is not going to change your life :-)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by fcucumber View Post
    " I approach girls once or twice a month"

    That amount is not going to change your life :-)
    fcucumber relentless lol and fact

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