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    Adam's Field Reports

    Field Report 11/25

    First night out since starting where I actually overcame AA (last 2 times i tried to go out solo I ended up leaving without even approaching).

    Things I did well:
    +Overcame AA and actually did approaches (14 total)
    +Pushed myself onto the dance floor and had fun without having to get completely shitfaced
    +1 number close resulting in a day 2 for tonight

    Things to improve:
    -Rely on less and less booze (I want to get to the point where I do this sober)
    -Better recognition of shittests and handling them. Multiple times during the night, I perceive a shittest as an opportunity to eject early rather than push forward.
    -Open more groups of guys, makes friends with them.
    -Clarity of Intent and more confidence.
    -Continue to push myself to become comfortable dancing (I'm terrible but just need to have fun with it).

    My only goals tonight were the overcome AA, approach ten times, and most importantly, to have fun and build some momentum. Small victories but I'm pumped now to go out tonight.

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    Field Report 11/26

    Started the night meeting a guy friend at the venue to watch football. He knows all the cute bartenders so warmed up chatting with them. He left and I promptly started.
    1) Seated 2 set with attractive girls with situational opener. Solid 45min or so interaction, weak number close (ie couldnt get any traction in setting up a day 2). Girls were only there origianlly for food before uber'ing a signifcant distance to another venue that I decided not to pursue. It was only 9pm or so so I went accross the street to another bar.
    2) Seated mixed 3 set outside the next bar with "are you using this chair? Ok good" and sitting down opener. More or less opened to try to adhere to the open immediately mindset as neither of the girls are attrctie to me. 15m or so conversation. Grabbed their numbers since theyre actually staff there and just to practice saying "lets exchange #s" vice "give me your number"
    3) Talked to the 2 guys next to me as I'm ordering my drink. They both ended up thinking a was the shit towards the end of the night only because I was socialzing with everyone. Really saw first-hand what Tyler and guys mean when they mention that. And then the by-product of them thinking I'm a cool dude is that girls in the venue started noticing that as well.
    4) Opened a smokeshow walking in the venue while I was outside to smoke (a habit I need to drop). Situational opener. Talked 10m or so and was going well until she had to get back to her friends. Later as she was leaving I number closed. She actually texted me first early the next morning with "It was nice meeting you last night" but then didn't even reply to me 2 hours later when I responded simply with a meme and "Still good for drinks tomorrow night before I leave town".....
    5) Attractive Puerto Rican 2 set. Direct "You guys seem cool, are you friendly?". Solid 60m or so conversation. I wanted to escalate, and I had opened every attractive girl there by that point so I told them "Let's go to ___" which is a popular spot everyone ends the night at. Grabbed her number on the way and started seeding a day 2. Arrived at the next venue, Took her to the dance floor for a bit, kiss closed and broke it off quickly because I think I sensed she was uncomfortable doing it with her friend there. Talk more and eventually they have to leave. Responsive to text the next day but couldnt make the day2 work before I leave town.
    6) Memory is hazy at this point but vaguely remember opening 2-3 more sets that don't gain much traction as the bar is beginning to close.
    7) Uber driver was cute! But I only had a 5 min drive to work with. Used kinda a day game "you seem cool but I feel like I don't know enough about you to hang out. What are 3 cool things about you" and then after that I #closed with "we should do drinks sometime". No response to next day test though.

    3 Things done well:
    +Honeslty still just pumped that I was able to overcome AA while "gaming" alone and have fun while doing so
    +Definitely minimized time between sets. Felt like I was constantly in set.
    +5 number closes on 7-10 sets or so with 4 of them being girls I definiutely consider attracitve

    Things to improve:
    -Still relied on booze to overcome AA which ultimately led to some lack of calibration when I went for a makeout (which I got, but doing it right in front of her friend I think turned her off). Also I know it's going to slow my learning curve when my recall isnt great...and it gets expensive...and makes me want to smoke cigs.
    -Instead of going outside to smoke as an excuse for an opener (asking for a light or cig) I wasnt to try just opening instead with something like "you should try the sherlock homes sleek pipe look" or something random
    -Sticking point: either my number closes are "weak" or my texting is weak (combination of both I'm sure). I probably need to do a better job of seeding a day2 and making more concrete plans there instead of trying to get it done over text.

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    Field Report 11/27

    Invited by prefvious f-close to drink for sunday funday since i wasnt working the next day. Get to the first place and just grab food and drinks, flirt with the waitress who is cute, before walking to the larger more popular venue. To lay some context she's a booty call who wants something more but is an absolute trainwreck with a kid. So at the next venue my plan is to strike up conversations and just be that sociable guy until she has to leave to pick up her kid at 6.
    1) Talked to the cute bartender while ordered with the girl next to me...she's super hot but already has a bf and they were super busy for football so kept it short.
    2) We grab our table. Can't rememberr what I said but I start yelling/talking to a table of 3 guys somewhat close to us....basically shifted into a kind of roleplay where I'm trying to hook other guys there up with her.
    3) Whilst grabbing drinks, I open a mixed 2-set. I noticed the girl had fantasy football open on her phone are teasingly ask her how badly she's losing as an opener. The girl is super cute and I basically eject early to get back to my table after telling her we should exchange numbers and hang out. Felt like it went well at first and might have had a solid day2 if it were for how completely shitfaced my female friend proceeded to get.
    4) Female friend tells me of a nearby guy she finds extremely hot. I pull her over to him and tell him exaclty what she said so they could start flirting and I could hopefully go hit on other girls. End up just talking to him and his friends instead.

    Long Story Short for this next part: chick is a wreck back at my place and I get one of her friends to pick her up around 8pm. I go back out afterwards to a different bar just to see what can happen.
    5) Only cute girl in the small bar...don't even remember how I opened. She's there with a roommate and had just broken up with her bf that very day. Hour long or so convo that went reasonably well and number closed. Flaked on the day2 today and I leave town tomorrow.

    3 Things done well:
    +Still pumped that I'm at least getting out, being sociable, and even not being afraid to open and socialize with guys
    +2 fairly solid number closes with attractive girls
    +Crazy experiencing with trying to pawn a girl off on another guy. Even some stuff like telling her to "Touch him, kiss him, fuck him" right in front of him

    Things to improve:
    -Still not seeing numbers materialize into day 2s.
    -I feel like I'm not escalating touch well.
    -I need to stop ejecting early when I could potentially push a conversation further and maybe have more solid number closes as a result.

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    Field Report 11/28

    Wanted to push myself harder tonight by driving to a place I heard was good on Monday. Instead I only went to a local place that was slow. No attractive girls aside from the bartender (cute). Chatted with 3 groups of guys and flirted with the bartender (seemed very receptive but, then again, she's a hired gun).

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    Field Report 11/29

    Same venue tonight. Took some time to catch up with a buddy over video games and drinks...and afterwards felt the urge to not bitch out and to at least get one approach or at least socialize for the day.
    1) Walked in and started talking to a 4-set of girls "guys you seem cool are you friendly?". 3 of them opened up, one of the less attractive wasn't having it. As I ordered my drink I briefly flirted with the cute one and seem to go well. Once I had my drink and tried to reposition myself to engage the entire group better, the girl (that wasn't having it) told me she move on and physically shoved me away. I couldn't think of a joke or de-escalate (her friends looked like they thought she was being rude as hell) so I brushed her off and move down the bar to chill and talk to two dudes.
    2) Opened a 3 set of cute girls having wine while one was working. Relatively closed off posture but tried anyway. Blow out.
    3) Opened 39 year old cutie with a 60+ year old guy outside. They were just friends, she was single. Seemed like I had great initial attraction early. Older friend had to leave and I grabbed a chair. She offered me multiple cigarettes. later wanted another drink (offered her card but I insisted only because she had given me 4-5 cigs at this point). This seems to be a trend...I thought I had good initial sexual tension and attraction but couldnt build it and seemed to fade. I randomly grabbed her chair and pulled her closer...she almost immediately scooted away. After that it was an hour of blah blah about her ex, other "comfort" stuff, but no real attraction/sexual attention. She was still qualifying herself, but in a way that seemed she was just trying to hear herself talk. I would often try to say something, but she would interrupt and talk more....Am I losing frame control when I let her do that or should I let the girl talk if she's trying to contribute to the interaction? I tried to pull with a "lets grab a drink at my place" to which he said "i'm not going to your place for a drink I have to drive". I grabbed her number, talked some more and during a story of hers I tried to walk her to her car while she finished her story but she went inside to pee. She came back and said "we're going inside for one more drink" but only to find 3 guys had bought her a drink to which to basically ditched me to talk about boring real estate shit with them so I left.

    1) At least went out tonight. Really trying to discipline to go out every night i can because I still struggle with AA and want to improve as fast as I can.
    2) Socialized with everyone. Small-ass venues around here which has contributed to my AA so I'm happy I approached.
    3) Number close with a cute girl albiet still weak number close (i can already tell a day 2 won't come of it
    Things to work on:
    1) Though these local venues have few sets, they're close to my place. So I need to figure out a good way to seed pulls back to my place same night, AND figure out better ideas for day 2's...not sure the "lets grab a drink later this week" is the most effective seed.
    2) Trend seems to be that I start off well but lose the sexual tension despite attempts to escalate. I suspect its a congruence/comfortability with escalating issue. Sets seem to go well and then turn into just "conversation" vice "vining/flirting"
    3) Still need to work on not relying on alcohol/cigs. Caught myself multiple times tonight stuttering over words.

    Still a great night. I'm pumped because I'm having success overcoming AA. Sucks I'm going to the desert for two weeks tomorrow where this momentum is going to fade.

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