14 reasons why you should buy a sex doll. Do you agree?

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  1. 14 reasons why you should buy a sex doll. Do you agree?


    I'm aware of the rise of sex dolls but just stumbled across this article https://www.dindoll.com/blogs/news/1...sexdocka?ls=en

    I kind of agree on certain points, considering the isolated social media society.

  2. Strongly disagree, a doll will never replace a woman and the pleasure of having a shared orgasm

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    hm..those dolls cost hundreds of dollars..if you want to feel something real and can't pick up a girl in a club, get a hooker..much more fun than with a doll..recently according to a friends some have started buying stuff like at https://www.rubberloft.com/ to make the whole process more interesting..guess you will enjoy it more

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