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    What's the best way of working on and improving inner game? Anyone have any highly recommended experiences to improve their inner game?
    Books to read, videos to watch, steps to take, experiences? etc?
    Thank you!

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    This blog post written by Derek Cajun is a great place to start. The next step would be to start taking action and implement these things into every aspect of your life. Eventually, you will be able to build on the steps you have made and continue to grow yourself as a person and solidify your inner game.

    Click Here to Read Derek's Tips on Inner Game

    I would also check out this article on limiting beliefs written by Fader. I've gone on a few Bootcamps taught by different instructors now and every instructor talks about how impactful these are. Being aware of these beliefs you have and working on changing them is a critical step to solidify your inner game and is something that will limit yourself if you don't take action.

    Click Here to Read about Limiting Beliefs

    The most important thing you can do right now is to take action. You can improve anything if you just keep planning without action.

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