Neg the obstacle?

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  1. Neg the obstacle?

    I'm brand new to pua. I read the mm and recently found it in my drawer while moving houses and decided it was time to put it into action.

    My question is simple if the obstacles begin testing me do I neg or do I only neg the target? I've watched the pickup artist and it seems like the target always ends up the one testing but I always wondered what happens if the obstacles start to turn on you? Is it simply a blown out set? Also for anyone willing to go a little further in helping I'm in need of a back up opener. At the moment I'm using the did you see the fight outside opener.

    Anyway reason I ask is if I neg the obstacles I may create unnecessary sexual tension with girls I don't like. Thanks for any advice.

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    There should be some attraction built up, a lot of guys have had this backfire on them because they needed to develop being playful & funny in order to be gently sarcastic and throw out backhanded compliments. Women know how throw subtle digs better than guys. You have to still keep things light and charming, and a neg can be taken as an insult. The more dates you're on, the more you'll take chances on what to say.

    The fight outside opener is fine, but can go with the latest "Black Friday" YT videos or crazy arguments you've seen happen in the past (or on YT), or if I'm in line returning something - I've seen things escalate and store that for later. Nothing has to be 100 percent true, but you have to stick to the story and visualize it if you are making changes to it. I ride the bus & train so I see and hear all kinds of crazy arguments happening.

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