Girl says 'let's bang' on Tinder

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    Girl says 'let's bang' on Tinder

    Sometimes a girl on tinder will say 'let's bang' or 'do you wanna bang?'

    A test?

    Any responses that in your experiences have actually worked?
    Thanks guys!

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    Never seen that.
    Doubt it would be a test.

  3. It's a 100% a test, or she is trying to make fun of you with her friends. I don't see how a normal girl will text that and mean it, especially if you haven't met yet. Idk man! Nah, but for how long have you been texting?

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    Could be an age thing.

    Never met a woman who would waste her time "testing" a guy like that. Like most normal guys are going to be cautious so why bother?

    Tuesday is correct that it could be a joke.

    IMO a good answer is: "Maybe, it depends how well we hit it off, we should start with a drink first to make sure we can have good pillow talk"

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    It's a waste of time. Don't even bother replying, and move on to the next one.

    Unless.................she says that after more than a few messages back and forth, then its flirtation

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