Marry a woman you're not really attracted to physically

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    Marry a woman you're not really attracted to physically


  2. mmmmm! Well, I started this journey many years ago. I am still here. The agenda I had for myself was to find a wife, get married, have children, and live my days out reflecting on this wild life. That has not been the case. As time has gone on, it has only gotten harder, and I've watched my buddies pair up with girls. Some married up the first gf that came their way. Many players/puas/alphas settled down, got kids, and got divorced. Many of those are suffering. One spent 30k in lawyer fees to acquire his kids and only because she was a drug addict, he got them but, after she had blown their life savings not to mention, traumatized the kids.

    I am ambivalent on the topic. It is what I grew up with and believed. It was the conditions in which I was born, thought was the only way, and always thought I would be married long before reaching 30. When I found pickup, a shy yet good looking friend told me about the game, about a way to go about actually meeting more women, and having a means by which to do so regularly. It was shocking because he always had a beautiful girl though, he seemed to meet them all online. I heard of The Game before but, I dismissed it only to read it a dozen times. My pupils dilated. My mouth opened. A whole new world opened up to me. And here began my journey.

    I dated a bit in high school and in college but, I never really had choice. It would be social circle, high school, running in the same circle or having the same classes in college. Approaching meant, actually having something to say, something to do, and taking a stand. Years later, I lost routines, canned material, and all the gay pickup lingo (mostly). I remember pulling girls I never could get in school. Running into girls, they would tell me how different I look (I got facial hair, I got jacked, I grew taller slightly, I filled out, and aged gracefully). One girl I liked in high school picked me up years later and sucked my dick in a parking lot blocks from my house. I hooked up with her friend, another one who was way out of my league or so she thought once upon a time. I remember thinking about how to kiss a girl or "make my move" on a date before pickup. After pickup, I would just tell girls to kiss me or that, they looked like they wanted to kiss me. I remember after pickup, girls putting their hands on my lap, and me just unzipping my pants before they started sucking my dick. Before pickup, girls would tell me they hate the taste of cum or they don't do that. After, girls just swallowed. I picked up a college girl from the gym. She was making fun of a manlet. I took her to the beach late one night, instructed her to strip, and I finger banged her. I didn't even have to tell her to suck my dick. She just took it out and started sucking. I had her hike her ass up and I started to plow. I remember feeling the pressure of being about to bust. I told her to turn around and open her mouth. I blew in her face and in her mouth. She took every drop.

    Its not like the book. Its not super hero pickup or suddenly, i get models and women are just feeding me grapes as I get a blowie. Its a lot of work. More then anything, I got disillusioned by mainstream-group think, marriage; the idea of placing a piece of rare medal on a woman's finger, and that, we live happily ever after. I am remember even after years of pickup, running into my pregnant high school crush, and it fucking me up. I remember running into girls I would have given a nut back in high school or college were single moms. Many that were hot back in my teens or early 20s were really fat now or just did not age gracefully.

    I think because of the spectrum I came from, I look at the world differently so, I cannot imagine getting married at this point. Most of the women are sleeping around when young, thin, and attractive. A girl I went home with gave me a blowie. We met at the bar. She is now married. Does her husband get a blowie? No. The guy who went home with her from the bar and almost gave her a fake # gets head. I cannot imagine signing up for marriage, risking divorce, and getting cucked.

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