Project Rockstar 2017 (Special 10th Anniversary Edition)

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    Project Rockstar 2017 (Special 10th Anniversary Edition)

    What a special Project Rockstar this summer was. Being the special 10th anniversary edition, we pulled out all the stops. Some seriously MASSIVE transformations took place. I feel so blessed and grateful to be part of something like this.

    All the reviews from the class of 2017 will be posted here.

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    PR2017 Review

    TL;DR: It’s not for the faint of heart but this program can and will change your life. If you let it.

    I can’t imagine what my life would look like with out the experiences I had over this past summer.

    Well actually I can. I just don’t want to.

    Before I get into it too much, I’ll give you the cliff notes version of what led me here…

    My names Justis

    I have been cognizant of “game” since 2009, but purposely distanced myself from it until the Summer of 2016.

    By April of 2016 I was in a place where I was fed up. I was unhappy with where I was at in my life, and I hated the direction I was headed in. There wasn’t anything “wrong” with it, but I felt like I was capable of so much more.

    I had a “good” job, I had health and dental benefits, a career path I could follow for the next 20 years… But exactly none of this was exciting to me. There was nothing in my life to look forward to. That’s why in April 2016, I signed up for the Love Systems event in Las Vegas at the end of August.

    Over the next couple months, I started to get increasingly excited. Because I had a sneaking suspicion this weekend would change my life.

    It changed my life, just not in the way I expected. I imagined, I would spend thee days learning game, and poof I’d be good with women…Not the way it works.

    I defiantly learned a lot over that weekend in Vegas, but the thing that stuck out the most was a seminar about “Project Rockstar”. A 9 week program that promised to take your life to new heights. If you qualified.

    I came home from Vegas and quickly filed PR to the back of my brain, continuing on with my life.

    Fast forward 6 months, it’s 03:00 am on a Saturday night in February and I’m scrambling to get my Project Rockstar application in before the deadline the next day.

    I submitted it a couple minutes before it was due, and I was pretty confident I got in. But as the days slipped by and I didn’t hear anything. I started to panic.

    Knowing what I know now, how close I was to not getting into this program I would have been doing more than panicking. These would have been full blown anxiety attacks.

    FINALLY, after what felt like forever plus a day, I found out I was IN.

    I got accepted into the program, and I would be starting the fitness transformation on Monday….

    Fitness Program:

    I had been working out for years. I figured this part of the program would be a breeze.

    But from the first moment of the first day of the fitness program, I was outside of my comfort zone. I was pushing myself. From that moment on, Project Rockstar was opening my comfort zone without me knowing it.

    I was coming from a decent place in terms of fitness. I was working out 5-6 days a week BEFORE the fitness program. And have been working out for almost 8 years. But I learned my diet was severely imbalanced. I was eating too many calories and I was eating the wrong macro breakdowns, which is why I was around 16-17 % body fat.

    The knowledge that was passed down to me through my fitness coach on this program was huge. And impacted me in a way that will stick with me forver. His knowledge and support made it possible to achieve my goal physique. And showed me how to maintain it going forward.

    The fitness transformation took my workout and eating habits from good to amazing.

    Over the course of the 12 week program my nutritional habits were rock solid, my workouts were intense, and the other aspects like rest and recovery were placed under high priority. I believed in this formula blindly, and it worked wonders for me. I got in the best shape of my life, better shape than I ever thought was possible.

    My body transformed to what I had always wanted.

    I grew up overweight, and I always wanted abs. But I just didn’t think it was something I could have because of genetics or what ever. I had just “written it off”.

    That’s for other people I thought.

    The fitness program taught me otherwise.

    It taught me my first big lesson on Rockstar: You can have anything you want in your life, and you can have it exactly how you want it.

    I squeezed every inch of progress out of that fitness program, and as a result I came to Vegas at a RIPPED 8% body fat. Ready to hit the ground running.


    This city has changed me so much. More than I think I’ll ever know.

    Vegas is where we started the 10-day which was10 days of formal game instruction before we move on to other topics.

    It turned into about 4 days of outer game instruction and then like a further 10 days of inner game. The reason being that when your inner game is clean, it does a lot of work for you. You don’t need to have lines, routines, gimmicks or any of that crap to get a women’s attention when you’re inner game is this solid.

    I’m a huge believer in this line of thinking. And I think it’s the perfect way of doing things. Start with the rock solid foundation and build up from there.

    That being said, Vegas is the perfect to start the program. It’s the best party city in the US, in North America, and possibly the world. There’s super clubs that are packed every night of the week, with women that will make most guys jaws drop.

    I can't think of a better place to get heaps of reference experience in a short period of time.

    Which we did.

    Looking back at the Vegas leg, I remember being very uncomfortable at times but by pushing continuously I was able to experience growth on a level I never thought possible. In many areas, but especially with my social skills.

    For example: from the beginning of the program I remember thinking I was tired. But being in the group environment, at the club, at seminars, makes it easier to push through. By the end of the month, I was worn out. Pushing, pushing, pushing to get to the end of Vegas. To get to the “break” where I would finally get a chance to relax.

    Or so I thought…

    Break part 1: Mykonos.

    Coming out of the container that was created in Vegas, and being out on our own in Mykonos was a huge change for me. It was the most uncomfortable period I underwent maybe on the entire program.

    I hadn’t been to Europe in 5 years, and I just forgot how different it was.

    People didn’t speak English. We didn’t have the instructors to lean on. There was a lot of uncertainty in a lot of ways. And we were out partying from 4:30 in the afternoon until 8 in the morning some days. The girls were smoking hot, but fewer and further in between compared to Vegas. Which wore on me mentally as I felt a need to be approaching constantly because that's what worked in Vegas.

    But that being said, I learned SO much being in Mykonos. And again it forced me to push through the uncomfortable challenges I faced.

    These challenges created some of the biggest breakthroughs I had during the entire program.

    The first leg of the break was also where I started to see the group form a bigger bond with each other than before. We simply weren’t able to do it in Vegas. We were under a lot of pressure both from external factors like time commitments, and internal factors like ourselves.

    It was difficult at times, but it’s exactly what was needed for everyone.

    Break part 2: Budapest

    New country, new city, new problems, new challenges.

    Unlike Vegas and unlike Mykonos this wasn't a party city.

    People live here. They have jobs here. They didn’t travel here to party (except us).
    Vegas or Mykonos are different. There we were meeting tourists and partiers. In Budapest it was locals.

    With that, were new challenges (the women are less open to spontaneous adventures) and new opportunities for exploration (day game, more depth with the women we got to know).

    Because of what I went through in Mykonos I was more prepared for the challenges in Budapest. I knew that it would be difficult, but I just stuck with the process and did what people told me to do.

    There was more downtime in Budapest. So it was nice to have some normalcy, some free time to get to know the guys I was living with. To have conversations that didn’t solely revolve around women or night clubs. This is where the bonding continued, and became even stronger than before. I felt like I became life long friends with a lot of the guys in Budapest, and really started to turn a corner in terms of game.

    I didn’t know anything about Budapest before going there, but I know now it’s the city we needed before Stockholm.


    It was bittersweet touching down in Sweden. We were ready and excited for the final leg of the trip, but at the same time we knew this was the beginning of the end and the timing felt right.

    Any longer on our own, and we would have stopped growing as much.

    There were like 3-4 MAJOR breakthroughs I experienced on PR2017, and 2 of them happened in Sweden.

    The circle of truth, and the circle of appreciation.

    We sat in a circle, and over the course of 12-14 hours shared openly about what we think the other Rockstars can improve about themselves, and then what we appreciate about them.

    There’s no where else I’ve gotten feedback like this in my life.

    So while it was difficult hearing it, and I very badly didn’t want to do it, it was also so beneficial for my growth. I learned more from it than I ever thought was possible.

    Sweden is where everything came together.

    Before we arrived we had all the pieces of the puzzle. They were arranged in a way I could kind of make out the bigger picture, but in Sweden everything clicked into place. That’s where I saw how it all fits together and what’s truly possible in game and in life.

    There are dozens of other lessons and teachings I learned on project Rockstar. Too many to count, and things I’m still realizing even today, but the biggest point I want to make is that I left for this trip at the beginning of the summer as a boy. A 26 year old boy. I came back as a man.

    I am so much more confident in who I am. I am so much more comfortable sharing myself with others, and being open with people. I finally feel free to be the person I am. The person I've always been.

    Over the course of the summer I felt feelings on a deeper level than ever before. I loved more than I ever thought I could love. I felt joy deeper than I ever thought I could feel joy. I learned how to love myself and what self love actually means. I felt more connected to a group of men than I ever imagined was possible. And I’ve seen beauty like I didn’t know existed.

    I am so grateful for this experience and how everything came together. To think how close I came to not being on the program, is scary. I can’t say enough good things about this program. And if you’re considering it, it’s the best choice you can make. The money, the time, the sacrifices you have to make in order to make it happen will be paid back to you ten times over. I genuinely believe that.

    My fitness, my social life, my business life, my family life. Everything has gotten better in the month since the summer ended, and it’s only going to keep improving. That’s the best part.

    There’s nothing but open road ahead of me. And I can't wait for what it holds.

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    Rockstar Review

    4 weeks. I cannot believe it’s only been 4 weeks since this wild ride ended. Feels more like 4 lifetimes… so much has happened during the program and so much has happened since that I really have to dig deep to write a review… Funny how during the program there were all these thoughts about what this was good for, that despite all the unusual things we were doing and discussing this whole experience somehow seemed all too normal and almost mundane at times to possibly be truly transformative, how much we were struggling and lost and sometimes not seeing the point in all this… and now a mere month later I can tell with confidence that nothing has changed at all compared to my life beforehand – but everything has. I still can’t pinpoint what is different, what I have learned or am doing different (especially with women) and I still most of the time feel I got no clue what I’m doing or even what I want to do, but not only are the results with women vastly different as are most of my social interactions in general, but somehow I am on the other side of the fence in this new world where the default mode is not “Fuck, something’s missing, what am I doing here?”, but rather “Well, nothing much is happening – great, another reason to just smile at life and see what happens next…”

    Looking back now, it becomes more and more obvious why there was so much confusion during the program. The human soul is just not equipped to learn as fast as the human brain. So, I often snubbed at the instructors’ comments about how this program was liking drinking from a firehose and what we were being told and experiencing would take months to truly process, thinking “yeah right guys, I’ve gotten and processed a lot more input than those few hours a day”. And intellectually, that’s true. On paper, we didn’t learn all that much. But we planted new seeds within ourselves and watered and fertilized them day after day and night after night… and now we are starting to see those new plants grow. During those 9 weeks we uprooted many of the old weeds and prepared the fields, and now by and the new life peeks through the soil…

    Vegas basically was the boot camp. For living with 15 other guys from different backgrounds in a confined space, under constant (mostly self-created) pressure to “perform” night after night, to not be the loser of the group, to not be the odd one standing out, with constant lack of sleep or time to emotionally retreat to a safe space. For discovering that there is a wholly different way of looking at what it means to be a man, of looking at woman, of looking at relationships and sexuality, of looking at what “is allowed”, of looking at “what women truly want”. For stepping outside of your comfort zone and the realm of the behaviors you thought possible and acceptable night after night. For pushing yourself to the limits of your endurance, mentally, emotionally and physically – without the comfort of having your usual social network of friends around or easing your anxiety with a few drinks… at the same time we were longing for a break and having the feeling that we weren’t being told nearly enough and that this was way too little time to learn half as much as we needed to know about game. And then, after just a few days, the daytime focus already shifted away from game mechanics, towards deeper emotional development, and we were forced to meet our inner demons, fears, stories and self-beliefs. Making yourself vulnerable in the eyes of others and leaving the safety of the beliefs we held about ourselves, while at the same time still being strong and bold and masculine every night… quite a challenge. Just like the fitness program before, I learned that I was stronger than I thought, that I have a ton of different behaviors and thought patterns at my disposal that I didn’t think I had in me before. I learned that I can be a strong man who takes action whilst at the same time being vulnerable and relatable. I learned that it’s okay to be wrong at times and at the same time important to stand up for me beliefs at times. And most of all, I got a glimpse that being a man doesn’t mean knowing the way all the time, but continuing the walk nonetheless.

    The break was tough in its own regard. It was a lot about priorities and mental attitudes. As there was no determined schedule, as a group we had to figure out our priorities and our hierarchy, our group dynamics and our communication rules. Decide whether it was more important to party and have awesome experiences enjoying life, to push even harder to make bigger progress in game, to get much needed rest and take time to process what we had learned, to find room to make plans for the future, to bond with the group… Learn to cope with your own doubts, loneliness, feelings of inadequacy and mental and emotional states when there weren’t any instructors around and there wasn’t any class to attend. Learn to solve conflicts within the group without some external authority mediating. Learn to voice your thoughts and feelings in a way that would sit well with the group, but also give you a sense of setting clear boundaries. Learn to cope with the fact that social rules are different from country to country and that what works in one place will earn you rejection after rejection in another… It was about growing up, setting your own priorities and taking your own decisions free of the protective shackles of any structure. Finding your own mix between your individuality and the group. And it was a reality check, especially in Budapest, after the party environment of Vegas and Mykonos. Kinda funny how something can be at the same time the time of your life and yet oh so mundane. Tells me that life is what you see in it. Sure, it’s awesome to be on a 76-foot yacht, but if you don’t watch your mental state, you can have a shit time there, too. And if that’s the case, the reverse holds true as well – why not have a ton of fun having a very ordinary breakfast? If you have the power to change how you perceive the world, use it!

    Stockholm was by far the slowest-paced of the legs, but just as confusing as the other ones. Sure, there were a ton of good-looking girls around, but by that time the place had been hyped so much that few of them met the exaggerated “they all are top models” expectations we had all formed. It was really hard to read social interactions as it was super easy to get in contact with people, but almost all the time it didn’t seem to mean anything. Many of the days, there was no class or class was over after an hour or two, plus there were only 3 nights out a week, so unexpectedly we were faced with a ton of free time and a big shift in focus away from game. Another reality check and another challenge to get rid of even more expectations about how this program should be and make the most of it by using the time to integrate all the experiences into a more “real life” day-to-day lifestyle and bond with the boys as much as possible. The most important part were definitely the feedback circles that for many of us were hard to stomach, but also primed us to focus on self-development and social skills for the remaining 2 weeks, giving us another incredible burst in growth. For me, it was also the time when I truly started embracing conditioning, setting aside up to an hour a day to do my meditation exercises and re-read all the learnings I had written down, thereby putting my mental and emotional muscles through a rigorous training program that has made it grow stronger and stronger every single day… I often felt lost during that period, but somehow, I managed to keep an open mind and keep going nevertheless, despite the feeling that there wasn’t even time and that – contrary to what the instructors had promised – I would be the one guy for whom things didn’t click and who wouldn’t make it “to the other side of the fence” during the program.

    And technically, that held true. When Rockstar officially ended on the last Sunday in Stockholm, I was still on my way, somewhere lost in the mist. But for some miraculous reason, as I was about to land on my flight back home, that emotional dam within me burst and I somehow knew I was “there” and my world would never be the same again. And by keeping up the work of conditioning and reprogramming my mind every single day no matter what, I am making “there” my new reality ever since. Now I am feeling my way in that new land of abundance, still facing challenge after challenge after day, still more often than not not knowing what the fuck I’m doing or how to “operate” those damn girls and their crazy ways, still puzzled by how often I wake up with that tough-to-stomach sensation of being tired and lost, but facing it all with a smile and a newfound calm and confidence that things will work out, just going with the flow and letting things work out, actually smiling every time I catch myself at a negative thought, ready to feel my way around this new land and let life happen.

    YOGOR – You only get one Rockstar. Yeah, but my Rockstar is far from over. I easily got another good 50 years ahead of me…

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    Program Review

    Short Version

    Rockstar is mind blowingly incredible. It’s a hyper reality, a time machine, to accelerating personal growth that would normally take 10+ years, to 10 weeks. They say a day on Rockstar is weeks to months of normal life, and every word of that is true. It’s a program that focusses on becoming the best human you can be; it’s ruthlessly focussed on personal development. It’s predicated on masculinity, vulnerability, authenticity, being genuine, and being a good person. It’s the most amazing life changing thing I’ve ever done. It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s brutal, you’ll cry, you’ll feel like shit, you’ll be exhausted, you’ll break down. But it’s also exciting, it’s heart-warming, you’ll laugh, you’ll feel effortless joy, you’ll be running a natural high, you’ll be built up, you’ll make worldwide friendships that go deeper than you thought possible, you’ll feel love, you’ll be rocked to your core. It is incredible. And worth every second a thousand times over.

    Rockstar Review

    Rockstar was the single most amazing, life changing, transformational thing I’ve ever done. I honestly don’t think there’s anything else on earth like it. I feel so very grateful to have been a part of it. What the instructors, Sterling and Vici, have put together, is nothing short of incredible. I will be forever grateful. There’s my life before Rockstar, and my life afterwards, and the picture of that life afterwards is looking fucking incredible. In so many ways, my life is different; I am different. And that’s not to say I’m a different person, but rather, I’m different because I’ve had so many layers that weren’t me washed away, and am so much closer to always living as my authentic self. I’m calm, solid, self-assured, and confident.

    But how did I get here? I first heard about Rockstar around 8 or 9 years ago, around when I first heard about ‘the game’. I filed that knowledge away, and went about chasing down my career and life my own way, thinking it was all a cool concept, but one that I’d never actually go and dive into. Years later, I found myself at what I felt like was the bottom. I’d just returned from extended operational service oversees, my long-term girlfriend had shut me out of her life while I was away, I was trapped in a career that wasn’t right for me, most of my friendships had faded, and the ones that were still around really didn’t treat me well or value me. I was lean physically and looked good, but my overall health wasn’t great. I was drinking regularly, and hooking up with nearly any woman that would have me. The relationships I’d form with women would be corrupt, in that I was seeking validation from their company. I was living a life based on external validation, from my job, the women in my life, and how my body looked. Take any element of that away, and I’d feel like shit until I’d replaced it; but nothing was ever good enough. Somewhere, from the back of my mind, the idea of Rockstar popped up. I spent the next few days reading the journals and devising my plan to how I would turn my life around and get onto the program, whatever it took. I started working on myself from the end of that year, through an online Love Systems program, before getting onto a bootcamp with an amazing coach, JC. From there, I quit drinking completely, and started going out 3 and 4 nights a week, sober, by myself. I got good at talking myself into a positive state, and getting control of my mind, so I could get out of bed and head out to talk to strangers by myself. But there was still a lot to work on, and I wasn’t really making progress with women or with myself. There still felt like there was this giant hole in me, and I was almost like a drone with no heart. I knew Rockstar was the journey I needed.


    The application process was intense; and was a period of growth in itself. By the end, I had learned a lot about my own inner workings and motivation for getting onto the program, but I was constantly worried I wasn’t going to get in. At every stage of the interview process I would spend hours preparing, thinking about what questions they could ask, digging into my responses and getting to the real ‘why’, and I’d be met at each interview with confusion as to whether I’d done well. After the final interview where I was accepted, I couldn’t believe it, it was all so surreal.

    The Fitness Program

    The program was intense. I’d been training for many years, and intensely 4-5 times a week in the gym for around 5 years. I figured I wouldn’t learn too much during the fitness leg, and I’d use the time to focus on rounding out a few parts of my physique while bonding with the team. I was wrong. Right from the first week I started having realisations and blowing away limiting beliefs, and starting to build a system to take control of my own growth, my own life, and my own happiness. During the fitness program, fitness was my entire life. I would be eating upwards of 4000 calories a day, and training between 2-3 hours. Amongst work and many other commitments, I essentially had no life outside of training, eating, sleeping, working. It was all worth it; I packed on a bunch of size, and went from a shredded but small physique, to being a fuller masculine man. I grew up being told I was fat; no matter how well I’d do in sports and competition, so I’d always had issues around thinking I was fat no matter how lean I was. By the end of the fitness program, I happy in my skin for the first time.


    Vegas was insane, it’s was a different reality all together. It’s easy to conceptualise going out 5-6 nights a week for a month, but doing it like you do on Rockstar is just something else. It’s a town where the clubs are big enough to never really talk to the same girls again, given there’s so many and we’re going somewhere different all the time (and most people stay in Vegas for max 2-3 days). Having an environment completely focussed on growth, in the best most pure fastest ways possible, is incredible. The instructors were downright amazing, the alumni were great examples, and the other students were inspiring. So many amazing people in the room, with so much life experience and success to share and give, but with everyone laser focussed on helping each other to become the best people they can be. It’s not an environment for the faint of heart or to have an ego; it’s constantly humbling, it’s like having a big group of people who love and care about you telling you the hard truths to make you a better man. Sterling said straight up, that most programs are about changing the projection of a person (which leads to issues like identity friction and inauthenticity), whereas PR aims to address the person themselves – a much harder task. Most of Rockstar, and the seminars in Vegas, were essentially ‘inner game’; working on things like our inner dialogue, the stories we tell ourselves, the rackets we run against people, changing our state, masculinity, vulnerability, what it means to be a good person and a good man.

    It all quickly blurred together, and before too soon it was over. In many ways, it was like pressing reset each night and going through the whole process again; getting ready, heading into town, pumping each other up, meeting at the club, going in, grinding it out for hours, getting home at 5am for a precious few hours of sleep, rushing to get up and fit some exercise in on the way to seminar, nap, repeat. But the growth is incredible. It really is like drinking from the firehose; not in the way there’s a lot of information, as logically there really isn’t that much. But to actually take all that information in and apply it, integrate it, and make it you, takes a long time and a lot of work. Going back to my notes even now I still learn so much.

    During Vegas, I had begun to think about my relationship with myself, the limiting blocks in my mind. Moving from the 10 day and continuing into the inner game intensive period, I completely blew the lid off my inner demons, issues and processes. I had begun digging new trenches in my mind. I was beginning to see at my core I didn’t have self love; in fact, I hated myself. I felt I wasn’t worthy of love, I felt worthless, and I lived from a place of scarcity. By the end, I had been rocked to my core, where all of these negative stories and beliefs had been deconstructed and washed away, replaced with love. I began to see that I am a gift, that I am worthy of love, I learned how to be genuine, to connect, to give, to trust myself, to trust the universe.

    Road Trip

    Vegas was a massive spin up, and by the end I felt like I had a good grip on what I was doing. Que the next phase of growth; being pushed out on our own, to manage our own growth and help each other, with no instructor input. It’s like taking the training wheels off and allowing us to experience the wobbles while we’ve still got each other to lean on. If Vegas was the uprooting, then the road trip was finding new soil and laying the foundation.

    The first leg in Mykonos was huge for me. The first few days I was struggling to keep the momentum going, but I quickly got control of my mind. It was also different here than in Vegas; in Vegas there’s so many people that having a big group of guys constantly approaching isn’t an issue, where as in Mykonos it was more of a social scene. There was also far hotter women. There were still a lot of people partying and holidaying, so it was similar in that regard, but it required different skills. I learned a lot about just having a good time in my own skin, and when I’d see a gorgeous woman, I’d go over and know I had the skills to connect immediately. I grew immensely because many of the inner lessons from Vegas were starting to solidify and click into place, and the language barriers that were constantly an issue had forced me to get good at expressing my inner calm and confidence through means other than words. I realised during Mykonos that I was happy with who I am, I love myself, I’m a fucking gift. Internally, I’d made the switch to core confidence; sure in who I am. I was building a natural ability to connect, based on authenticity, being genuine, vulnerable, and giving. We were also bonding as a group in a way that Vegas just couldn’t allow for. We had insane days and nights out, most days went from 4 or 5pm until about 8am, and lived a lifestyle not even shown in movies.

    Our next stop was Budapest, where we all arrived exhausted. In Vegas we were tired, and would be out around 6 hours a night with around 5-6 hours of seminar a day. In Mykonos, we’d basically replaced everything with being out, and were hitting it 12-14 hours a day, sleeping very little, and enjoying the sunshine the rest of the time. The first night in Budapest we didn’t even plan to meet for dinner, because we knew that would turn into going out in some form. We all got much needed rest. We bonded a lot more as a group, and I spent a lot of time thinking about my life post Rockstar. By this point in the program, my focus was moving away from talking to women, and more to building great friendships with the amazing people around me. I found a lot of growth in helping out the other guys, and trying to just have fun with them while we were out. By the time we were heading to Sweden, I was ready for more instruction, more growth, and the future.


    If Vegas was the uprooting, the road trip was finding new soil, then the Sweden leg was letting those roots take hold and grow deeper. I went into Sweden still growing, and still battling with my mind to keep a hold of the new pathways. It was surprising, one minute my brain would be telling me I hadn’t changed, then the next minute I’d be feeling effortless joy, or feel a wave of calm and confidence, or be taking a gorgeous woman back to the hotel. I got good at catching my brain in negative loops, which is huge. When I thought I wasn’t going to learn much more, and the growth had slowed down, I’d have another massive wave of growth. Rockstar continued to surprise. The various circles here had a massive impact in making me make the final few major changes in my life. The pace in Sweden is completely different; the seminars are a lot more free flowing and relaxed, and we had a lot more time to just hang out with each other, the instructors, and alumni. The going out wasn’t as full on, given it’s a much more normal city and only a few nights a week are good to go out. The amount of love I have for every single person on this program is ridiculous. Sweden was such a good opportunity to get to know the instructors and each other so much more, as we integrate all of the learnings into our lives and really look to the future. We also started the business leg of the program, where the mentors in our group gave some amazing seminars on their backgrounds, and primed us for the next phase of many of our journeys; achieving the lifestyles we dream of, being unshackled from the chains of a job, and the life normal society ascribes to.

    Post Rockstar

    I want to live a life of absolute freedom of choice; one where I am the master of my own destiny, I make the decisions, I walk to the beat of my own drum. This means choice in the women and friends I have in my life, choice in the work I do, the places I live, what I do day to day, and who I do it with, and when. Rockstar has been an accelerator to achieving this kind of life; I now have choice in the relationships I keep, and I have a network of amazing people I fucking love, and want to share the journey of life with. I couldn’t be better primed to nail the next phase, which is business & financial freedom. I vowed to remove the chains that imprison my mind, and Rockstar was a great preview for that; there’s no 9-5, no named days, no negativity, constant questioning of beliefs and ‘truths’, an environment of pure unadulterated growth, where you live in a hyper reality pushing the limits of what’s possible every day.

    Returning home was tough; to go from one extreme of the growth spectrum, to the opposite, and losing that positive amazing environment is a challenge. However, I’ve been more than equipped with the tools and support network to take control of my own life. I still talk to the guys every day, and we keep in touch on a weekly call. I’m so excited to see where we all go in this next phase of our journeys, and I know we will be best friends (doesn’t really do the bond justice) for life. We all share such a special bond, and no matter how much life tries to get me down, pure love is a text or call away. Reintegration is a constant battle, much like when we first arrived on the road trip, but I just know even greater growth is on the horizon.

    Since returning home, I’ve quit my job of 9 years, all I’ve ever know since I was 17, and have the confidence in myself, the trust in myself and the universe, to step out and forge my own path. I don’t have a completely clear picture of where I’m going, I have a direction and a vision, and I’m smashing my way down that path. It’s amazing to see that as soon as I’ve opened my mind to all the opportunities and abundance in the world, opportunities are abundant! My issue at this point is focussing on one. My relationships with my friends is different; I am so much more present, attentive, genuine, real. People look at me and say things like ‘you seem really happy’, or ‘you seem different’. It’s heart warming to realise how far I’ve come, and how much love there is in the world. I’m also noticing that I’m unconsciously drawing good people into my life.

    I’ll be forever grateful for Rockstar, for all the people involved. Everything I do for the rest of my life will be touched by this experience, and I cherish every second of the memories.

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    PR Review

    In preparing for Rockstar 2017, the question that I got asked incessantly was why did I need to go on a program to learn how to be the best man I can be? Why did I need Rockstar? That’s the question I would like to answer with this review.

    Rockstar was never something that I saw myself doing. When I found out about it after my bootcamp, I didn’t think I was good enough to be on the program, let alone have enough money to be able afford it.

    About a year before Project Rockstar 2017, I was introduced to a couple alum from the 2015 class. They were the ones that ultimately changed my mind. I noticed right away that they were different. The way they carried themselves, the way they interacted with each other, the perspective that they viewed life with, all of it was something that I wanted in my own life. Seeing them, it was an easy decision to pursue a spot on Rockstar. But it wasn’t easy.

    I had everything stacked against me. I was living paycheck to paycheck at an entry level job. I had almost no savings to support me. But nonetheless I devoted everything I had to getting on and financing this program. By the time July rolled around, I had been promoted twice at my company and had tripled my income. I quit drinking, moved in with my grandparents, and had devoted my life to the gym. In a year I was able to open a door that didn’t even exist when I decided I wanted to be a Rockstar. I had already overcome a seemingly impossible situation and I hadn’t even been on the program yet.

    There has been a lot of negative press about pickup. Over the last 3 years I practiced game I refrained from ever talking about it because the immediate judgment was that I was practicing being manipulative and deceitful to get girls into bed with me. I am not here to say that there aren’t people that focus on that. But that’s not what Rockstar is about. Rockstar is about learning to accept yourself for who you are, your likes your dislikes, your dreams and aspirations whatever they might be free of social conditioning, and then to practice your ability to articulate that to the world. It’s a course in learning to communicate properly, and in realizing your potential as a man and human being. With that being the foundation of what we practice while we’re out, the environment is what takes Rockstar to the next level.

    I have practiced game on my own for years. I’d be making strides on my own, journaling, practicing, reading, repeat. You can only get so much growth when you are working on your own. On Rockstar, you live and breathe with 15 other guys who are all doing the same thing that you are. So after a night out, I’m getting my own first hand experience from being out and practicing, but I’m also getting the second hand experience from all my brothers who share with me their interactions, their struggles, and their experiences. In one night, if I go all out I can approach maybe 40 girls. And that’s if I’m getting blown out left and right. If I’m really having a meaningful interaction maybe I get between 4 and 10. By the end of the summer, 60 days, maybe you approach 500 girls best case scenario if you’ve really been pushing it. By just sharing with the other guys, I get to learn from their experiences, and I can learn from the cumulative experience of 3,000 approaches. But that’s just the game aspect.

    I came into this with insecurities about who I was. I believed that if I did not live up to a standard of perfection of how I carried myself, how I communicated, how I lived my life, that people wouldn’t like me. If I didn’t receive positive reactions all the time, feelings of inferiority would crush my thoughts and I’d question whether friends I’d had for years would rather hangout with someone else. Those stories I told myself couldn’t have been unwound without the love and support of 15 guys who had heard my story, who knew me for me, my good my bad, and who loved me all the same. Over two months I created relationships with these guys that will last a lifetime, and that was what allowed me to let go of the shit ideas and beliefs that I had been holding since I was 5 years old. Their love and support allowed me to push past my fears and confront the things in my life that I had live in fear in, my relationship with my dad, my fear of never being enough, my fear of being alone for the rest of my life.

    What allowed all of this to come together to create the experience was the instructor team, specifically Sterling and Vici. Both have spent the better part of 7 years working on themselves, both through this program and on their own. Every single year that goes by, they develop more and more as individuals, and are able to add layers to the program from the best of what they learned. That distilled experience was what allowed us to travel so much ground in such a short amount of time. I remember being 3 weeks in and just realizing how every single thing we did seemed to fit right into place, like dominos being tipped over and cascading forward one after another. Without that roadmap, this summer would not have affected the same radical change that each of us experienced.

    I had high expectations for what I’d get out of the program. I had a laundry list of things that I wanted from my life and I felt Rockstar was going to get me all of them. I had this idea for who I was going to be by the end of the program. I’d be this beast of a person with no problems in his life, everything figured out and just falling into place. I basically wanted all of my hopes and dreams to come true. And I had this feeling that somehow being on this program would make it easy. I say easy and not easier, because I genuinely felt that Rockstar would solve all of my problems. And if I’m being honest, they didn’t. I’m not exactly where I want to be with my game. I’m not running my own business making 6 figures a month, nor do I have a plan that’s is guaranteed to be successful in accomplishing that. I didn’t become 8% body fat and look like Chris Hemsworth from Thor. And I don’t feel 100% confidence in myself as I carry myself with swagger like Jack Nicholson. And I’m ok with that. My expectations for the program were way too high. And I realized something more important.

    The aspirations of my life are going to take work, a metric fuck ton of sweat, blood, and tears. That will never change no matter how many summer programs I take. But before Rockstar, I had a belief that I could only do those things if I changed something about myself, that something was missing in me that was holding me back from accomplishing everything I wanted. It wasn’t til I started writing this review that I realized that I had everything I needed to get what I want. And that’s what I really wanted from this program, a belief that I can achieve the things I want in my life. Everything else; the better game, cleaner self image, the best friends a guy could ever want, and a feeling inside that everything is going to be ok; well that’s all just gravy.

    I posed a question at the beginning of this review. That question was why do you need Rockstar? Can’t you do this all on your own? The short answer is yes you can. I don’t know how you would though. All of the material that we were exposed to took 7 years to accumulate. That’s pretty badass. But lets just assume that you had all the material and had your own private instructors to go out with you every single day, you still couldn’t possibly see the same growth as being on Rockstar. Without having a group of peers with you, it’d be impossible to see the same amount of growth in such a short time.

    Writing to you now, I don’t have a job or any income. I am moving in with my parents. I still have student loans and credit card debt. And I’ve never been happier. I remember hearing from former Alum that time stops existing except in two forms, before Rockstar and after Rockstar. I myself would excitedly make reference to that while on the program. It’s only now after having experienced the program that I can understand what that statement truly means. It has been the most life changing 63 days of my life and I will be forever grateful to be apart of such a legendary group of individuals.

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    PR evaluation:

    Overall, one of the most transformative experiences of my life. It's been over a month since PR completed and I feel like I'm still growing every day.

    Fitness program: While I think that Gethin stuff may be a bit outdated, I stuck to everything that the manual directed in terms of diet and exercise and I got in the best shape of my life at the age of 39. I felt like there was always live support if I needed it, though I did fairly well with only occasional guidance on altering my dietary macros.

    House: 20 guys living together is FUN. However, is very hard to keep clean even though Justin tried to keep a tight ship. Cleaning (while clearly a bonding part of the PR experience) cut into other activities and hiring a made service to tidy up just the kitchen and the bathrooms every night after we went out would have helped. The house had a great environment and was a huge part of vegas.

    I was very happy that we had a gym membership set up in Vegas as that allowed to keep the exercise regimen going.

    Seminars: A most amazing line up, especially since I had a pretty good idea as to how the program has been expanded and enriched from last year.

    I feel like we got so much more out the inner game part compared with prior classes. Some of the concepts that we have explored and I have delved into, I have never touched on before. However, they are so crucial in developing masculinity and inner strength and I work on them every day now. Not sure how or when I would come across these things without PR. The sacred ceremony was one of the deepest experiences of my life and something I would do again to reinforce my discoveries.

    Business seminars from fellow rockstars was a nice addition. We had some amazingly successful guys on PR and it was very cool for them to open up about how they made their $.

    1st 10-day block: I know we're supposed to be drinking form the fire hose, but this was too fast for me to assimilate and integrate. I definitely feel like I fell behind early because I did not put everything together. I could have used more targeted feedback and maybe more 1:1 time as I was really struggling. Yes, there is an emphasis on autocorrection and yes I made huge strides as the program proceeded, but my trajectory was painfully slow and I was struggling quite a bit in the beginning. I feel like I was bumping against the wall for the first 7-10 days until Sterling pointed out a couple of fundamental issues and recommended that I take a step back. In fact, I felt that some of the instructors did not really emphasize with my frustration (though deep inside I know that many guys went through the same process) early on and could have really given me extra feedback. My problem wasn't in sustaining energy and approaching. It was very poor technique. And while it did stem from lack of inner game, I feel like correcting some external behaviors ahead of the expected inner game->outer game sequence could have helped me a lot. The idea is that PR is the launchpad for perpetual lifelong growth and as long as that growth continues, the trajectory at PR is not that important because there is so much more runway ahead. I certainly agree with this paradigm, but it still would have been nice to make some extra progress early on and get some more ass in Vegas.

    We had healthy meal prep in Vegas and that was clutch. I really liked the taste and the quality of food. Next time though, probably should be 1/3 less as a lot of food went to waste.

    I was the treasurer and used excel to track expenses in Vegas. We started using Splitwise on the road trip and it made things a lot easier. There was also a miscommunication initially as I assumed that I would be provided with certain tools to do the treasurer job. Once I realized that we had to figure it out on our own, it wasn't a big deal to set things up, but knowing it before PR started would have been a little more convenient.

    Time balance between going out, bonding at the house and sky-diving guns and house BBQs was near perfect.

    No alcohol rule definitely enriched the experience, fortified my approach habit and removed a big crutch from my game. I will admit that my game got better with alcohol on the road-trip and in Stockholm, but alcohol became a booster to a well formed inner/outer game combo.

    2 ½ week road trip was a perfect duration. We had an amazing time in Mykonos and Budapest and made everything happen on our own.

    I expected there to be more daygame emphasis. In fact, aside from a single seminar, there was none, which was a bit underwhelming, as daygame is a major part of game and in a way more technically challenging.

    The trip to the lake-house outside of Stockholm was a great time. I wish we had ventured out to the Swedish country side a bit more, as we did have 3 weeks there.

    What was palpable throughout the entire experience is how much PR changes from year to year and how much effort the lead instructors put in order to expand and distill the curriculum in order to deliver more depth to the program. I really do feel that PR has evolved from just learning game to becoming an attractive, confident man living a fulfilling life.

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    2017 Rockstar review

    Can I just write WOW over and over a thousand times and that be my review ?

    When I applied for rockstar, I just thought it would be going out for 3 months and learning how to get hotter girls in my life. Although that is part of it, in reality it is only a tiny part. The Rockstar program has blown my mind to what an awesome and fulfilled life can be, and its given me the tools to maintain that lifestyle.

    LBR and LAR. These two acronyms now have so much meaning. “Life Before Rockstar” and “Life After Rockstar”. For me these are two completely different lives that share few similarities. I’ve had some many mind shifts and changes to my reality. Infact it’s a challenge to share a clear picture of my life with my old friends when they ask what I’ve been up to the last 3 months. Some of them know vaguely about program. How do I explain in 1000 words, how do I explain in under 10mins, how do explain in under 2 hours ? Infact I don’t think everything I’ve done and everything I’ve learnt has fully sunk in to myself yet.

    I’ll describe briefly my life before Rockstar – IT Nerd that is very good at his job – dating life sucks – a few bad relationships – significantly overweight – overall not happy with his life.

    Fitness Program.

    The fitness program is the first time I’d taken diet and exercise seriously. My start weight was about 110kg so I had plenty of fat to loose
    The fitness program is simple, don’t worry about the weight, just reduce body fat percentage. Increase metabolism and put on lean muscle. By putting on muscle, it will help burn the fat – especially useful in guarding against the yoyo effect. A manual is provided as well as some great coaching advice.
    Did the fitness program work ? Absolutely !! I lost 40 pounds and became almost unrecognisable in appearance. For someone that had never really lifted weights and avoided going to the gym – life changed so much in those 12 weeks of the fitness program.

    It was good to have great guidance throughout the program, coaches you could reach out to and ask any question.


    Seminar, shower, go out till 5am, sleep, repeat. This was my life for 5 or 6 nights a week for a month. Learnt an intense amount in such a short time . Group debriefs we learnt so much in a group setting. Not only did we have good presentations during the seminar, often someone would learn something the night before and pass it on to the group. Basically this multiplies how fast you can learn. The program has really some great content. Game wise all of us guys improved dramatically. More importantly we learnt how to be natural, authentic masculine versions of ourselves. No more fake routines or tactics to try to be successful with women. Just be yourself, the best version you can be.


    Mykonos and Budapest were the destinations for the break. If vegas was fourth gear – then Mykonos was fifth gear with nitrous boost !! We really accelerated how much we were partying and really pushing our personal boundaries.

    Pushing your boundaries involves rewriting your brain on what you think is “normal”. The program teaches you to not be narrow minded, and have preconceived ideas about what life should and shouldn’t be.

    The main purpose of the break is really to bond closely as a group – and that’s exactly what happened. All of the guys are going to be my close mates for the rest of our lives.

    Budapest was lower key, which was well deserved. We had been partying at an unsustainable pace and needed a well-deserved rest. A few of us sickness was starting to kick in.


    Sweden is definitely an interesting place. Plenty of amazing looking women. We soon found some adjustments are required here to be successful with women. Not major adjustments, just some cultural differences. Seminar wise it was more relaxed but we did probably the two most important parts of the program. Circle of truth and circle of appreciation. Wisely we were told to record these and play them back in the future.

    Overall I can’t recommend Project Rockstar enough. If you are reading this and thinking about doing Rockstar – then the choice is obvious. Do whatever you need to do to make it happen. Borrow money if you need to. The leaders of the program have refined it so much that you learn just an amazing amount of stuff in a short timeframe. Not sure if you will get in ? One way to give yourself the best chance is to show initiative. Do a program, do a bootcamp, do Kris Gethin fitness program, loose some fat and put on some muscle. Just do something !! Record your progress carefully.

    Good luck !!

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    It’s been about a month and a half since Project Rockstar ‘17 ended, and I’m still buzzing from it. First meeting everyone in Vegas seems like years ago now. It was almost like living inside of a time warp. So much happened in such a short period of time, that looking back from one week to the previous seemed like months. By far the craziest adventure I’ve ever experienced. I feel blessed to be a part of this family.

    Rockstar for me, was about inner transformation. Stepping more into the man that I have always wanted to be. Rounding myself out in a lot of ways. Getting closer toward finding inner peace. That inner transformation, and the friendships that were built from such intense and emotional experiences together, make this one of the greatest things I have ever done. Oh yeah, and I hooked up with a bunch of hot chicks along the way. Great fucking summer!

    To be honest, I had a lot of anxiety leading up to PR. Especially when I sent the initial wire transfer. It’s a large chunk of money to be putting down on something that is very much an unknown. Thankfully, I now know I absolutely made the right choice. Not only because I had massive internal transformation, but because of the crew of brothers I now have.

    One of the alumni told me early on: the amount of experiences you share, multiplied by the intensity of those experiences are what create very close bonds. And when you have a plethora of intense experiences, in such a small window of time together, it creates brotherhood in literally just a few months — the kind of trust and belief that usually takes years. The depth of things we can share with each other, and the support that everyone gives is truly amazing.

    Things happen for a reason… This was the third time I’d applied to PR in five years. It had always appealed to me, to be part of a network like this; a group of guys that are all about adventure, self improvement, dating high quality women, and generally just living amazing lives. A lot of my friends back home just cannot relate to my desire for these things, and to not “settle" in life. Being around my brothers in PR, I was continually pushed towards doing big things everyday. We still do a Skype call every week to keep each other accountable even though we are no longer living under the same roof.

    From what I can tell, the focus of PR has seemed to shift over the years. It is a growing thing, that everyone as a group is continually trying to help improve. The focus has seemed to shift from outer game, focusing on technical things you can do to attract women, to more and more of focus on inner game; having deep inner-transformation and finding self love. A man that loves himself, is a man that can give love. He lives in abundance, is confident about who he is and what he wants, and believes he will get to where he wants to go. A force of masculine energy that moves through the world like a blade of light, radiating warmth and love everywhere he goes. When you come from this place of love and abundance, the people around you FEEL it. It’s magnetic. And the universe starts to open up in ways you didn’t previously realize were possible.


    Vegas was a world-wind experience. Everything happened so fast. Crazy things happened almost every night. The days are packed. Literally every minute counts. Going on minimal sleep was a common theme throughout rockstar. And it was easy to let things go, like the gym or meditation. But this was the nature of the beast; it was a pressure cooker environment designed to push you to your limits. The great thing, was that we were all doing it together, and there was a lot of support.

    The first 10 days we spent learning “outer game.” Techniques for approaching women, bantering, leading them, etc. But the thing that I came to realize, was that all these techniques don’t mean much if you don’t feel good internally and have self-belief. Having a good “vibe”, it comes from feeling good inside. Quality people are drawn toward it. So after that first 10 days, the seminars were much more focused on building an inner belief of love and abundance. Untangling layers and layers of negative thoughts and beliefs, which came from years and years of social conditioning and the environment you were brought up in.

    For me, major changes happened in Vegas from our inner game work. I came into the house as the guy that would’ve probably been voted “most likely to fight you.” Even though I’m not into violence, I have a way of giving off a very intense vibe. Guys would later describe it to me as a darkness, a raw intensity, that would sometimes consume me. I had a lot of inner anger and a real lack of self-love and self-belief. We went through some very deep exercises to release some of the darkness that I had buried deep down for many years.

    I’ll never forget, the morning after our intro inner game day, where the process was outlined to us. I had been forced to visualize and confront some of my inner demons that first day, and it brought a lot of different emotions that had been buried, back up to the surface. I woke up at 6am and just couldn’t stop crying. I had visions of blackness inside my stomach. I was seeing my pain everytime I closed my eyes. I reached out to our inner game instructor, who apparently already knew I was someone that needed help first. That day in seminar, he took me through an intense visualization process, and I was able to vent and let go of a huge amount of my anger and pain. There was a moment when it was over that, my body visibly let go of so much of tension. My stomach actually buckled. You could see it happen in realtime. Pretty crazy.

    That was a very defining day for me on Rockstar. Really set the foundation for me to build on. And everyone I spoke to later on, after PR, basically saw that as the moment that things changed for me. I was able to smile more, be a warmer person, and generally just lighter in the way I went about my day. That was further compounded when we did our spiritual meditation as a group, and really solidified the feelings and beliefs that we all came to realize over that first week of inner transformation.


    After 4 weeks in Vegas, the instructors cut us loose for 2 weeks. We chose as group, to go to Mykonos and Budapest. This was the most memorable part of PR, especially Greece. This was also when we really started to bond as a group. Sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Europe, was the first time we weren’t all in a rush. A moment of having no pressure. And we were all able to just chill out, fuck around, and enjoy each other’s company. Those moments when we would just chill as a group of friends are some of the most memorable for me.

    The road trip was where a lot of us really started to work on “conditioning” or mental exercises to ground everything that we had been learning. The mindsets, the gratitude, meditation, etc. These are all part of conditioning, and a big part of how to not lose all of the valuable things we learned, and experiences we’ve gone through.

    Mykonos was nuts. It’s a very small island, fucked up roads, everyone rides a little scooter, chicks are smoking hot mediterranean girls that barely speak english. And you get about 3 hours of sleep a night. Uncertainty level is very high, but I fucking loved it. One of the guys in a our group had some sick connections from back home, and somehow we became really tight with a very high-status promotor/MC type guy on the island. So every night we would have the best table, at the most popping club. We would basically take over every place we went to. Our group was a tornado, that consumed each club we went to. We went hard in Vegas, or so we thought… Mykonos was next level. We burned the place down. It was unreal.

    One of my favorite days was when we rented a huge yacht. It was baller, it had a giant living room and 4 bedrooms. Our MC guy even brought an A-list celebrity chick to hang out for the day. We’d go from beach resort to resort, get off the boat for an hour to round up a bunch of chicks, then bring them back on the boat. It was pure madness.

    One of the funniest parts of Mykonos, was logistics. There’s no uber of course, and there are a total of 3 taxi cabs on the island, and its a mob scene to get into one. We had rented a couple villas high on a mountain, about a 10 minute ride from town. So if you pull a chick at night, she needs to get on the back of your shitty little scooter, and trust that you aren’t going to get you both killed on the way home. Riding the scooters is really exciting, and you being responsible for her safety while she hugs you tightly on the back of the bike, just amplified the attraction even more.

    There were plenty of times when Google maps failed, because the island is just so back-alley, and not well documented. I remember one morning trying to give a girl a ride home, and continually getting ass-backwards lost, and ending up on some fucked up dirt road, with cows and goats staring at us.


    Budapest was a welcome breathe of rest for a lot of us. Everyone went so hard in Greece that we were literally zombies. Budapest was more of a “normal" city, but we did our best to bring the “weird.” Some of the girls were a bit less receptive, but a few of us laid down legit Hungarian flags, and it was a lot of fun. Budapest was another big step where we really bonded as a group. Some of the group experiences we had there together were big highlights in all of PR, despite not partying nearly as hard as we had been in Vegas and Greece.


    Stockholm was where we really got back to a normal routine. The first time we’d seen any instructors in a few weeks. A lot of time was spent going out to lunch and getting to know people and instructors that we hadn’t gotten to know very well. The girls there are like barbie dolls. If you like blondes, this is your city.

    We got back to doing seminars every day, and having large discussions as a group. By now we had been through so many crazy experiences together, that the overall vibe of these group discussions was totally different than back in Vegas. Everyone was much more open, and vulnerable with what they shared. It really is a beautiful thing to have seen this family grow together, and I’m humbled to be a part of it.


    I gained hugely from this summer. 2 things really stick out: the internal transformation, and the amazing group of best friends I now have. Game, which was originally why I wanted to do this when I started applying a few years ago, actually became the least important part of this whole journey for me. Good game became a by-product of just being in this hyper-real environment, where we all hold each other accountable, and everyone continually pushes themselves and each other.

    The momentum that I feel when I am around this group is unparalleled to anything else I’ve ever experienced. I think it really comes from one of the core beliefs that we all shared over the summer: being 100% authentic is when you are your most masculine, true self, being vulnerable is being authentic. I can go to one of my boys with an issue when I need support, and know that I will not be judged, instead I will be met with love and support. And when you are around of 20 awesome fucking guys like that, it just catapults you into the stars of what’s possible.

    It was not a cheap summer… but it was totally worth it. The incredible experiences, the deep friendships, and the personal growth I experienced, make this one of the best decisions of my life. And the best part is that PR is the gift that keeps on giving; being part of this network means new opportunities for travel, business, etc are always coming along. We all still text and talk almost everyday.

    A few of us continued to travel once PR officially ended. And my growth has continued its upward spiral. Just this last weekend, I had my first ever triple-dip, something that really didn’t seem possible in my reality a few months ago. And even after PR, still seemed like a stretch. Just goes to show, reality is what you make of it. And being in an environment where everyone believes "the rules" can be bent to their will, makes you able to see and control the Matrix too. It’s a crazy life, and I fucking love it.

    See you on the road my friends.

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    I’m writing this as I’m on the plane out of Stockholm and I’m reeling with the shock that Rockstar 2017 is now officially over.

    About Me
    Before Rockstar I was your stereotypical asian guy. I worked my ass of in my career because I thought being successful and rich would make me desirable to women. I was wrong. At 35 I had done a couple of Bootcamps but seriously I was worried I would live the rest of my life alone. I’d had sex with one girl my entire life. I’d had a few dates but I was just not expressing myself as a sexual being. For example, I took one girl on 8 dates and we didn’t have sex. In fact, she stopped wanting to kiss me after about date 6 or 7.

    How could I be so bad you might ask? Well, I had huge issues with vibe, ZERO experience with flirting, ZERO experience expressing my sexuality and had very rarely even touched a girl aside from the occasional hug. I had never had a one night stand and not even made out with a girl in a club or a bar. I was scared of dancing with a girl, never lead, and was afraid to move the interaction forward. If I did get into a conversation with a girl, I would self eject at the first sign of any resistance telling myself they were not interested. The idea of pulling a girl out of the club would fill me with anxiety and dread. I struggled for 2 years going out a minimum of two nights per week with virtually NO results at all to speak of.

    Even worse was I hated myself inside. I had such a lack of self worth that all my internal dialogue was completely negative. I would tell myself “empowering” stories like she isn’t attracted to you and doesn’t like you that way, that people don’t really like you, that you are an outcast, that you are a feminine guy, you’re Asian and white girls won’t like you, I would ask myself what is wrong with me when I would eject or skip an open. I was constantly in my head and trying to project a version to others of what they wanted in social situations.

    I arrived in Vegas jacked from the diet and training program and ready to go. I had read the journals, I had hopes that I would have a similar experience but part of me did not believe it was true. Maybe the reviews were fabricated, or maybe Project Rockstar wouldn’t work for me?

    10 Day Simplified Natural Bootcamp
    The simplified natural curriculum is based first and foremost on being an authentic, masculine man. There are no contrived lines, no routines and to quote Venture no “weird pick up shit”. I really aligned with the story of how this program started – it was started because Venture saw the existing material and thought it was all just weird. This really aligned with my thoughts as a fairly normal, social guy coming into the pick up community.

    Simplified Natural was developed by Venture and Sterling and you can tell they are so passionate about their baby. The program was really summed up as “masculinity + conversational skills”. That’s basically it. We spent half the program learning about the different strands of conversation and how these wove together, and then the rest of the time on re-wiring years and years of negative beliefs about ourselves, and about women.

    The conversational skills component of the program was really built into 4 sections with a day on each – normal, warmth (deep), sexual and fun. At seminar each day we were given the underlying principles of these channels, and then sent out each night to practice.

    Masculinity fell into a couple of buckets but a lot of it is sub-communicated through body language and your sub communications. We spent a day learning what makes masculine body language, and how to use proximity, touch and eye contact for this effect.

    The seminars themselves followed the same format each day with the debrief from the infield the night before with your instructor, and then the actual content. The instructors took a collaborative approach to the seminars which I found useful. Instructors would jump in with relevant information when they felt they could contribute, and students were free to ask questions which would occasionally take the topic in a different direction. This format flowed well.
    We were lucky enough to have Venture attend most of the 10 day, with Sterling and Vici making up the lead instructors who ran through most of the content. Venture’s talk on the core tenets of masculinity was probably my favorite.

    Listening to the founder of Project Rockstar and Simplified Natural talk about it in its raw form was powerful and moving.

    Through the “inner game” component of the seminars which is a huge part of Simplified Natural I very quickly found out I had a number of underlying beliefs which needed changing:
    • I felt I was unattractive to women
    • I felt I was not masculine, and more feminine
    • But most importantly, I did not love myself

    Through introspective, extremely intense group sessions with the instructor team (think multiple grown men crying and screaming) I was able to uncover these blocks and lay the foundations to fixing them. I can now say I love myself and that women find me attractive without triggering negative thoughts in my mind.

    The nights out themselves were really designed to test and implement what he had been learning. Through careful supervision with the instructors we were able to not only practice and develop our own styles, but also push the thresholds of what we thought was possible. What I quickly began to realise is the thresholds on what you can do and say are much wider than you believe they are.

    Each student was assigned an instructor who watched over them and collected information for the debrief the following day. Instructors would typically have 2-3 students to manage during the course of a night.

    On each of these days, we would go out with a particular set of items we were practicing. We would hit the best clubs in Vegas with the added benefit of having tables – which meant we had somewhere to move girls to if we wanted.
    Having been to Vegas a few times before, this environment was not a shock to me and I adapted to it quickly. Because of the nature of the environment you are placed in, I pushed through a few of my sticking points super quickly. Having been gaming for the last 2 years fairly consistently, I was getting zero results.

    Fast forward 10 days of infield and I had pulled numerous girls out of the club back to the mansion, had no problem leading and had completely changed my vibe to someone much cooler and much calmer. It was pretty crazy to reflect on.

    Final Vegas/10 Day thoughts
    I have done numerous boot camps and have been going out for 2-3 nights per week for over 24 months and I can honestly say I grew more in the 4 weeks in Vegas than those 2 years put together. The combination of the content, instructors and environment that is built makes it possible to create massive change.

    Prior to this Vegas 10 day I had never pulled a girl out of the club and never had a SNL – my best nights out would be going to the club, getting a number then follow-up with a few dates. Well, after 10 days of intense pushing I pulled numerous girls and had my first SNL with a hot 23 year old actress from LA. Pretty fucking amazing to be having your first SNL with a girl who could almost be your dream girl….

    Venture and Sterling have created something special in this 10 day curriculum, and I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone that thinks the current PUA community feels inauthentic or not true to themselves. You can learn to be a better man, and in the process attract the type of women you want into your life.

    Rockstar Break & Sweden
    The Rockstar break was in Mykonos and then Budapest and this is where things really clicked into high gear for me. Where all the things you read in the journals and think “these guys are just making shit up” came to reality. Four nights in a row I was with different girls, one of the nights we had group sex on the beach. Another night I was hooking up in the shower with a girl from New York who models for Coke and Adidas. One of the other Rockstars hooked up with a famous celebrity. Crazy does not even begin to describe what happened.

    After the break I had crushed so many of my limiting beliefs. I was getting results and the mechanics were becoming smooth but I still felt inside that most girls were still not attracted to me. I had mastered flirting and being fun and banter but lacked any edge.

    Sweden started dry as fuck but was where I began to understand how to be masculine. It was where I finally internalised that all women find me attractive. Where I began to believe it inside. I began to channel being bold, and my vibe became rock solid. I became a fucking man and I had replaced my toxic foundations with new building blocks.

    Sterling uses the analogy of a dam and each day you’re filling it with the intention that one day it spills over. Well, mine began spilling over in Mykonos, and came crashing down in Sweden. While I write this the memory that comes to mind is being in a hotel room with another Rockstar, him hooking up with a hot Swedish girl while I’m with her stunning friend. These types of memories will be burnt into my mind forever. Or the 10 minute pull straight out of the hotel bar. Within 15 minutes and half a glass of wine I had a beautiful Swedish girl in my room. Mind officially blown.

    By the end of Sweden lots of people talked about how solid my game has gotten. How I’m a different person. Sterling said Rockstar was originally created for people like me, and that I delivered and ultimately got what they expected – solid game by the end of the program.

    The veil of what is possible in game was well and truly lifted and I internalised so many new beliefs. How persistence is not only important but can create attraction, how being bold can spark attraction in an instant, that girls want sex and that they are just as sexual if not more so than guys are.

    Outside of a game I took away so many lessons that I’ll carry forward with me through life. That expressing yourself and setting boundaries will not make people like you less, it will make people like you more. That you can be comfortable being yourself in social situations and if you don’t want to talk then don’t talk. That you need to put in the effort if you want to build connections with people and that means doing things you don’t want to do.

    Sterling has told us that this is normal and made a good point – our brains cannot see our own progress, and the best barometer for whether you have improved is to look at the people around you and see how much they’ve grown. If everyone around you has had vast changes then chances are you have to. This filled me with great pride, as everyone has grown so much and if that’s the case then I must have grown too.

    Another way to look at it would be all of the firsts I have achieved including same night lays, sleeping with two girls in the same night, group sex, countless pulls, 15 minute pulls, tinder bangs, make outs and girls now chasing me around the world. Then you have the quality of the girls. They have been HOT. I hooked up with 18 year olds, 21 year old finnish models taller than I am, actresses, models, girls from Sweden, Austria, England, Canada, America and Asia. Towards the end of Sweden every night I would have multiple girls attracted in the club even if nothing happened.

    I’ve been given the tools to affect other areas of my life too. The sex talks and the fitness program will both fundamentally change my life forever. These two things alone they would have been worth the price of Rockstar.

    Then there is all the internal re-wiring which is basically now complete. I can say I truly love myself and that I am a being of love and joy. I found the Masculine warrior inside me and realised I am actually a masculine man. I realised that all women actually do find me attractive and that I have always had beautiful women in my life. I have realised that I am good enough and changed the negative stories I had built from when I was a child.

    Finally, the friends I have made will be lifelong. I have spent the summer with the most amazing group of guys – all dedicated every single fucking day to working on and improving themselves. Who have inspired me to lift my standards, to gym, to approach, to push my comfort zone. I now have a network of friends anywhere in the world, and some that will no doubt have a huge impact on the direction of my life moving forward.

    I mean, how can I possibly not be happy with that? If I gave myself this list at the beginning of the program as what is achievable I would have broken your hand off to sign up!! Rockstar has been INCREDIBLE in every fucking way.

    But, now it’s all over. There was so much anticipation and build up for this program that it’s hard to believe it is now over and that a new chapter must start. Rockstar is a part of me, and has been the greatest summer of my life, but I now acknowledge this is just the beginning. Rockstar has given me the canvas and the brushes, and now I will go about creating the real work of art – my life, and the sky is the limit for what I want to create…

    Thank you Sterling, Venture and Vici. Thank you Rockstars. Thank you universe for giving me the opportunity to embark on this journey of self discovery. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    See you in the stars my friends.

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    Project Rockstar Review


    I was accepted into Rockstar about a month after all the guys had started the fitness program. I jumped right in and was on the “gainer” program.

    I’ve put on a bunch of muscle before, so I know how to do it. My biggest issue is that I have IBD, so the majority of the food I needed to eat to gain weight, I simply couldn’t.

    However, I was still able to put on about 11 lbs during the 8-9 weeks that I was on the program. The workouts were very intense. I usually just do large compound movements (squats, deadlifts, presses) so the Gethin program was a big difference for me. But my body took well to it.

    My back, shoulders, arms and chest all got much bigger. I could feel a sense of masculinity with the added size. I felt a little better about myself.

    Coming into Rockstar I was about 174 lbs and 13% body fat. This was the best I have looked physically in a while.


    Vegas was a whirlwind of highs and lows for me.

    I came into the program a closed off guy who was scared to open up to men and women. I hardly ever smiled. I was always serious.

    I was scared to death to approach women coming in. Being very introverted this doesn’t ever go away, but it does get easier. And it gets easier to manage. I realized really quickly in Vegas that after about 4-5 approaches my approach anxiety would be pretty much gone and I’d be more talkative.

    I hooked up with a few girls the first week, which helped my confidence.

    My banter was probably my weakest part of my game. I was wayyy too serious. I would ask all the boring questions like “where you from” “what do you do”. I didnt understand how to banter and create the tension.

    When I went direct, I’d get a lot of blowouts, but when it hit, it would go really well.

    I was already pretty good at depth. Going deep with girls felt so nirmal and natural to me. This was a big advantage at the clubs that were outdoors and quieter. When you could have an actual conversation, I tended to do much better.

    The first 10 days were all about the basics of talking to women. This is mind-blowing stuff if you’ve never heard it.

    The inner-game portion lasted a good two weeks, and for me this was the most important part. I’m still having realizations in regards to my inner game.

    There’s so much crap that I had in my head, that was holding me back. I was operating from a perfectionist mindset, trying to avoid every making a mistake.

    I remember having nights where I was on FIRE - confident and in my element. And then I remember having terrible nights. One in particular was at XS after we had done a bunch of inner game work that day. I got blown out by the first 6 girls I talked to - hardcore blown out - and I just couldnt take it emotionally. I broke down in the middle of the club, crying. I darted for the exit, and just went home. It was brutal.

    But the nights like this are what make you great. Looking back now, it seems crazy that I would let a few blowouts affect me that much. It just goes to show how much Ive grown since Vegas.

    Vegas was really a great place to get a TON of reps in. Thats what its for. Your game and your confidence will grow like crazy simply from going out 5x a week and talking to 15 girls every night.

    Break #1 - Mykonos

    This place pushed me out of my comfort zone. Everything about the city was very Euro - from the scooters to the tiny roads to not being able to drink the water. I was very much out of my element.

    I teetered back and forth in Mykonos between doing well and having approach anxiety cripple me. I pulled 2 girls in Mykonos, one of which I really connected with and had one of my most fun nights of the trip.

    Mykonos more than anything though was where all the boys started to bond. We started to become a group. I didn’t think of this before Mykonos, but the “solo snipering” I was doing in Vegas wasn’t what this was about. It was about going out,having fun with your boys and bringing girls into that.

    We also got to know each other on a deeper level, just hanging out around the pool and doing activities together.

    Break #2 - Budapest

    I really liked Budapest, and my game took another step up in Budapest. I did well at a few of the tourist bars we went to. They were more my scene, quieter bars that you can actually talk.

    I noticed myself getting deeper into conversations at these bars than I was in Mykonos. In Mykonos if I talked to 10 girls, Id usually get nowhere with 9 of them, and then 1 might hit and we’d talk all night. But in Budapest, I was getting 20 minute conversations with 3 or 4 girls a night. That made me realize my game was getting better.

    I had a few breakthroughs in Budapest in regards to having fun at the club. More of my personality and my “fun-ness” started to come out. I wasn’t as serious as I was in Vegas.

    Final Leg - Sweden

    I had numerous breakthroughs in Sweden, internally and externally.

    The circle of truth and circle of appreciation changed everything for me.

    I have always struggled with feeling like I’m not enough. The circle of appreciation was one of the first times I started to see my own worth. I saw how much the guys loved me and how much I added to the program. This was a complete shift in how I saw myself.

    In the circle of truth I discovered that people didnt know where they stood with me. They felt like our relationship was very one sided. This made me realize I needed to reach out more and connect with the guys, which I really started to do.

    A few more of my learnings in Sweden came from my banter starting to click and me having more fun. Sterling talks about “bringing the fun” when you’re out, and I started to see how magnetic that was to women. Sweden challenged me on the game front, because it’s all very high energy and lots of banter. And those were two of my biggest challenges.

    But it also made me much better at both of those.

    I also started to see that banter wasn’t just about making the girl laugh. It was about being self-amusing. It was about making yourself laugh first.

    I’ll always remember Sweden for the inner-game breakthroughs I had, but I’ll never forget the final party.

    That was one of the most amazing nights of my life. The energy and fun that we had was like nothing I had ever seen. Every other table in the club couldn’t come close to the party we were bringing. Girls were flocking to the table with hardly any effort. It was magical.

    I remember one of the first days of seminar when Sterling said “this program has nothing to do with picking up women”. I didn’t get it then, but I did by the end of Sweden.

    For me Rockstar was all about learning to love myself. I felt love for myself for the first time in my life because of Rockstar. I learned to see my flaws and my rough edges as blessings. I learned to be grateful for everything in my life.

    Post rock-star, many of my friends can’t believe how much different I am. I’m happier. I smile a lot more. I’m more outgoing. And I have a lot more confidence in myself, because I finally see my own worth.

    That’s something that wouldn’t have happened without Rockstar.

    Not to mention the group of guys I now hang out with post-rockstar is so much better than it was before. I already had a good group of friends before rockstar, but rockstar has given me 4 or 5 guys that I will be best friends with for the rest of my life. That’s something that doesn’t happen when you’re in your 30’s.

    Overall, Rockstar was the most transformative thing Ive done in my life. I’m a personal development junkie, and I had read nearly every book and attended every course out there, but nothing compares to the 9 weeks on Rockstar.

    The 10-day I did with Sterling gave me a taste of what it could be like, but Rockstar is just on another level. And you could never mimic the energy of the group that adds so much to every day of Rockstar.

    It’s life changing beyond words.

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