Good Wingmen wanted

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    Good Wingmen wanted


    Looking for experienced wingmen who are out to get SNL and anything else that comes with it. Been out with both older guys and younger guys who just won't approach and/or are weird and don't have basic hygiene and it's really frustrating.

    So if you have at least some game and your balls are working efficiently and you want to feed off a positive vibe aiming for women age 18-30 or so, drop me a PM and let's chat and get out there.



  2. hey jonboy are you still looking?

  3. I like your attitude. Sounds like you have your shit together and are out regularly. I'm out at least twice a week, once for daygame once for night. I'll open at least 10 sets each outing and will usually instadate or isolate at least once. If there's anyone on this thread or reading subsequently that's at a similar level it would be great to meet you. PM me.

  4. hey Goodfella i'm free during the week and weekends to go central london for game.

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