Interview Series Featuring Braddock

Here is a full list of Interview Series that Feature Braddock giving his insight on a variety of topics.

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Interview Series Vol.19: Friends with Benefits

Learn how to set expectations properly before you sleep with the girl to avoid potential pitfalls, as well as how to maintain these situations for a substantial length of time.

Interview Series Vol.24: Jealousy Plotlines

On this interview, Braddock, Chris Shepherd (aka Tenmagnet), and Cajun cover the theory and application of jealousy plotlines - with live examples!

Interview Series Vol.25: How To Be An Alpha Male

The strongest frame for a man is that of an alpha male. By being internally validated and non-reactive, you can show incredibly high status, which is very attractive to women.

Interview Series Vol.27: Sticking Points

All students at some point have at least one area of their game that is holding them back from achieving the level of success they desire. Some sticking points are very easy to fix and some need quite a bit of practice, but all sticking points can turn into bad habits if not discovered and addressed in a timely fashion.

Interview Series Vol.30: Teasing

Teasing is a powerful tool used to keep an interaction playful and fun for both sides. It is used to build attraction by tapping into a woman's emotions and subcommunicating that you are of equal value to her and not intimidated by her.

Interview Series Vol.31: 9 and 10 Game

Mr. M and Braddock, who both have legendary exploits with numerous 9s and 10s, including Playmates, models, strippers, and celebrities. This interview is a must have if you feel you are finally ready to upgrade to the most beautiful women the world has to offer.

Interview Series Vol.35: Humor

Braddock and Cajun as they discuss using humor as a tool in the attraction phase and how to effectively implement more humor in your game.

Interview Series Vol.37: Issues in Qualification

Qualification is a vital stage of the interaction that is commonly botched or overlooked altogether. If you tend to get a lot of flaky numbers and last-minute resistance, or habitually fall into the friend-zone, this volume is highly recommended.

Interview Series Vol.40: Turning Things Sexual

Braddock and Kisser discuss the core rules of turning things sexual and share some useful tools to help you stay on the right track

Interview Series Vol.42: Takeaways and Boundaries

Join Braddock and Daxx as they discuss the proper ways to use takeaways and set boundaries.

Interview Series Vol.56: Retail Clerk Game

How does one make the most out of these great opportunities? In this enlightening interview, seasoned professionals Braddock and Dubbsy share their wisdom on attracting retail store clerk girls that you are interacting with on a daily basis.

Interview Series Vol.65: Intro to Inner Game

In this interview, Braddock and Mr. M draw from their own personal experiences and set you on the right path toward conquering your Inner Game issues.

Interview Series Vol.70: Advanced Attraction - Push-Pull

Push-Pull, like teasing, can be an extremely effective tool to build attraction. In order for Push-Pull to be effective, you need to learn how to properly calibrate it, which master instructors Braddock and Daxx demonstrate.

Interview Series Vol.88: Hired Gun Game - Bartenders

In this interview, Braddock and Fader teach you how to separate yourself from the dozens of other customers and make the most of these interactions.

Interview Series Vol.90: Getting From Intermediate To Advanced Level

Join master instructors Braddock and Hoss as they share their personal struggles with getting past Intermediate Level and reveal how they are now able to consistently date 9's and 10's without putting in nearly as much work as they used to.

Interview Series Vol.96: Hired Gun Game - Waitresses, Bottle Service Girls and Shot Girls

On this second installment of the “Hired Gun Game Series,” we pick up where we left off with Braddock and Fader as they teach you how to apply their Hired Gun Game principles and routines to the pursuit of waitresses, bottle service girls, and shot girls