Meet her in the GYM

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    Meet her in the GYM

    Hi, so a basic intro yesterday in the GYM i met this women i went direct telling her "you are the most beatiful women iīve seen in this gym, so I had to come talk yo you and know your name" We ended talking for about an hour in the gym 31 years two times divorced (i know) from another part of the countrywe did talk a lot.

    I didnt have my cellphone so she added me and sent me a text so we could whatsapp. We did for a little while then i stop texting her back i was in a friends party and talking with another women. So i reply to her today she text back, i reply and she has not text back.

    Thatīs not my question we did a lot of comfort yesterday and i have no doubt she is going to reply. My question is should i have tell her yesterday something like " talk to you tomorrow i am arriving at a friends party" what would you have done? I did try to ask her out for sunday but she is leaving on a trip and coming back wednesday.


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    Overthinking trivial details.

    Your mindset should not be: "what do I say to get her interested."

    Your mindset should be: "what do I say to enjoy the experience of finding out if we're compatible."

    Ideally, asking her out went something like:

    fc: "You're cool, we should go for a coffee & chat on sunday"
    hb: "nope, leaving on a trip until wednesday"
    fc: "sounds fun! I will ask you out again on thursday after you've rested from your flight."

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    Thanks Men, yeah you are right. Sometimes is dificult to have that mindset in the moment.
    In regards, to the texting, should i have said "talk to you tomorrow arriving to a friends party" or like i did just ignore the message till the next day?

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    Do whatever is polite and natural. Doesn't really matter, she's not going to care either way if some random guy she barely knows keeps her updated on his night life.

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    You are right

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    Good luck! Any updates on this girl?

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