Trying to date my ex's friend

Hey everyone, so i will take you through the last few weeks of whats been going on in my life.

Me and my girlfriend of 8 years recently decided to call it quits. We went out on my birthday and she brought one of her friends from work along with her. Now keep in mind they have only been friends for like 3-4 weeks. So we all went out for my birthday and me and her friend were talking the entire time we just had a lot in common and eye contact everything was great.

Fast forward a week and i decided to text with her. We weren't saying anything inappropriate but i will admit I was a little bit flirty. Well we texted from Tuesday-Friday and on Friday night her and my ex said they were gonna stay in for the weekend and save money, but when i was texting with her i told her i was gonna be going out that Saturday night. Long story short she convinced my ex lets go downtown and im sure it was to see me cause she went from not going all weekend to very fast going down. So that night she decided to tell my ex we have been texting and there was a big argument of course and after that my ex moved out on me.

Well this past whole week me and her ex friend have been talking all week and shes talking to some guy (who I can tell isnt even into her because they have been talking over a month and he hasnt even touched her hand yet. Randomly this past Wednesday she removes me off social media stuff and blocks me. I did nothing but just talk with her and this and that but i guess because of the drama with me and my gf she wanted to give it time.

Last night we coincidentally bumped into each other downtown. She told me she blocked me cause the drama just to give things time blah blah. You can see in the images we were texting through instagram. Everything was good she was excited to come back and see me and do shots. Then i decided I wanted to go over to the bar where the guy she likes works I just wanted to get a drink over there while I was waiting for her. and she was mad that I went there and got served from him even though I didnt mention anything.

Then me and her left and went to another bar and she tells me how scared she is that he doesnt like her and all this crap just venting to me and im being a good person supporting her giving her good advice. Then she decided she just wanted to go home so I gave her a ride back to her place she was crying in the car telling me everything how people are mean to her how shes never had a relationship and how she loves this guy (shes only 21 btw) So we pull up to her place and she gives me a hug then we go our separate ways.

You can see in the pictures the texts she was sending me earlier in the night and then i texted her hope your ok sorry you got upset tonight if you need anything im here for you

and then this morning you can see what she said to me. She must have gotten upset like i could ruin the chances for her and this guy but she was just taking it out on me.

I really want to still talk with her what is best to do just give her time and space and maybe she will come around? Don't you think if she really wanted me out of her life she wouldnt have hung out with me she wouldn't have spilled her feelings to me and taken a ride with me and give me a hug to end the night lol. Need some advice!!