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  1. Girl with Boyfriend

    So I met this girl working in a auto store and we talked for almost 2 hours while i had to wait for my car to be worked on. We had things in common and she was very friendly. I went back two weeks later to get more work done on my car and we talked again and I asked her on a date. She said while smiling and giggling that she had a boyfriend and that she was sorry. I saw her again about two weeks later and we talked again for a while and we seem to have things in common. I can't tell if she is being nice to me because i was a customer in her store or if she really liked me. My question is, should I ask her on a date again or just leave it alone? Do girls just say they have a boyfriend right off the bat because they want to see if the guy is serious? Do you think I would make things awkward if I asked again?


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    She was being nice to you and has a boyfriend
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    Girl with Boyfriend

    Quote Originally Posted by Vox View Post
    She was being nice to you and has a boyfriend

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  4. Stop worrying about attracting the girl or any girl, just be fun and entertaining, dont worry about the outcome.

    Girls can tell if your into them or after them... but if you let "worrying about the outcome" go, and just have fun and be entertaining, not to entertain others, but to entertain yourself .... you'll draw others to yourself or in your case, the girl.

    You have two options " be the candle in the darkness" or be the lit candle with a strong flame to fight back the shadows "

    Which candle with the moth go too?.....

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