Very Strange Breakup from GF

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    Very Strange Breakup from GF

    I was going out with a girl for 2 years in a good relationship. Last week we were wrestling in bed playing around. She was what appeared to be "crying" but was laughing too so I took it as an act of hers. So I went along with it and continued wrestling with her. All of a sudden she gets out of bed and throws all my footwear at me, insults me and leaves my house slamming the door behind her. That same day she texts saying she wants to break up.

    This is very puzzling and I really dont understand what happened. Its been a week and she hasnt contacted me and neither have I contacted her. I dont know what to do at this point cuz I didnt do anything to warrant this and I do beleive she should be the one to apologize first since I didnt do anything that was out of the ordinary or cruel.

    What do you guys suggest?

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    If you've gone a week and haven't yet asked her why she's unhappy, then I don't think you care about her, so you're better off broken up.

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