Wearing a suit on day game ?

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    Wearing a suit on day game ?

    What do you think guys about day gaming wearing something similar to this ?


    Instant wealth and status attraction switch , no ?

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    Perhaps, it's gonna do nothing for you if you're weird, boring, etc.
    Wear if it's congruent with who you are, otherwise simply putting it on for the purpose of hitting on women in the daytime is pretty ridiculous.
    Also, what do you do when you're just simply out at the grocery store, are you going to wear a suit, are you not going to approach because you don't have your magical pulling suit on?

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    Many if not most women find a man with fashion sense attractive. yes.

    Most of the time, fashion sense does not indicate that a blue suit without socks or a tie is appropriate in the middle of the day. Perhaps for someone working in an ostentatious industry (e.g., entertainment or fashion)

    Definitely learn the fundamentals, and as Vox said, make sure it's congruent with you.

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